Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I was discussing a new Robins ground with our esteemed chairman last season when he said: “I'd be very open to allowing naming rights for our new ground.” Well he really said: “They can call the thing what they fucking want as long as they give us some money,” and that is pretty much how it has to be at the level we are at. Whether iconic grounds such as Anfield, Old Trafford or St James' Park should go down that route then that is open to question...

The Geordies are probably planning a protest while Hicks and Gillette and Abramovich at the scousers and Chelsea respectively see looking for £250m on the horizon. Whether the traditionalists – of which I am one – like it or not it will come in. Already has with the Emirates, Britannia, KC Stadium et al. Oh and not forgetting the egotistical DW Stadium.

It's the way of the world and as Chelsea panic that they are falling behind Arsenal and old Father Jack Whelan again claims he has no money to spend in the January transfer window then maybe he should have sold the naming rights to the stadium rather than thought about his own profile and grabbing some free advertising. The fact is naming rights are part of modern day football. Properly-named gronds have gone the way of orange balls, muddy pitches, comb-overs and everything else that was good it football.
So... thinking ahead and all this is hypothetical what if we get a new ground in the near future or the council hand the Robin Park Arena to us – what should we go for? And of course thinking ahead we need to sort this out now so I took the bull by the horns, approached a few firms and have so far received the following tenders along with the proposed names:

The Edwards of Platt Waz Pie Dome
JN Stadium
bathsprings@Robin Park
Wigan Pier Donk Anthems Part 83 Stadium
Jonny Corcoran Kitchens & Bathrooms Emporium Park
Th'ASDA Arena
Vinnie Neafcy Brandy & Coke Park
RMB Stadium – only open when he's not on holiday though!
Mr English's Pey Wet Park
Baz Barton's Boulevard
The Ryan Big Stadium
The Bear Pit
The Chicken & Shish in a Nan Bread @ Ali's Pizzeria we can deliver if within five miles Stadium
Daz Mullen's Hairbands and Accessories Stall on Wigan Market Park
The “I can still hear Dougy Pitts moaning five miles away” Stadium
Predictions Park – money dependent on how many everybody sells
Vaughanie's Dodgy DVDs Drive
Vermiglio's Ice Cream Parlour Park
The Adi(das) Whittle Arena

Now they've all offered £100 per year apart from Ryan Big who has asked to pay it weekly when he has it. So we leave it to you our democratic members to decide. Voting ends 31 December. Btw Dave Whelan has said if it's called the JN Stadium he will be speaking to the council as there's only room for one megalomaniac chairman in this town!

From Fields of Flowers Fanzine Issue 2 - now sold out

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Leek CSOB v Wigan Robin Park by Fred the Weatherman

This will probably be the scene at Leek on Saturday so we'll leave a preview until later in the week. At the moment the fixture seems jinxed. Changed to our place then called off, then the league game called off (after we'd done programmes for both grrrrgghhh). Let's hope the weather holds off. Fingers crossed and all that

Wigan charabanc to Blackpool Boxing Day

The bus is pretty much full. If you want to go and haven't said owt then you better get in touch with John Conway sharpish. Cheers


New items now in the club shop:

Beenie Hats £7
Bronx Hats £7
Keep the Faith Badges £2.50

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Wigan Robin Park Official Badges £2.50

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The blog is back and it's Miss Wigan Robin Park Christmas 2009

I took a month out to finish some other stuff but it's back. As is Miss Wigan Robin Park

So it's Merry Christmas from Robyn Hobson. South African model/actress (aren't they all) with it being World Cup year and all that it would have been rude not to...

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fields of Flowers Issue 2

Issue 2 will be available this Saturday at the Wigan Robin Park v Irlam game. Free with the programme or £1 on it's own

Featuring Blly the Fish, Ryan Small, John Neafcy, Marlon King, Dave Whelan & Michael Jackson

Monday, 2 November 2009

Miss Wigan Robin Park November 2009 Robin Weigert

To us fans of the American TV series Deadwood she will always be the drunken lesbian Calamity Jane and frankly that'll do for us at Wigan Robin Park

Wigan through to last sixteen...

Ashton Town 1 Wigan Robin Park 2

Vodkat Challenge Cup

Ashton Town - what's not to like about the place. Cracking little clubhouse, sloping pitch, tremendous pies and we tend to win there.

Saturday was a right old struggle though. Well on the pitch it was. Off the pitch the beer and the pies went down well, the sun shone, they kindly left the side gate open so you could nip out for a slash on the path by the ground rather that walk back to the club and a four quid day pass on the bus got us there!

Just a pretty awful game but the result means that The Robins progressed to the quarter finals of the Vodkat Challenge Cup.

On what was a perfect day for football Ashton had the better of a tight first half where pretty much nothing happened...

Luckily the standard Neafcy half-time bollocking appeared to work and The Robins broke the deadlock on 56 minutes when ex-Ashton player Chris McNally rose above the home defence Ryan Smallesque to head home a cracker. Waiting for the normal McNally celebration he proved that he watches too much Premiership rubbish on the telly - and at Goodison - and did that bit where the player doesn't celebrate against his old club. Good on him but to be honest if it was me I'd probably just run around the pitch flicking the v's. Then again I rarely scored when I played and running around the pitch at the moment with my rheumatism...

The lead lasted just five minutes when a ball over the top left Wigan's defence (well Dixie anyhow) flat-footed and allowed Ashton's Steve Edwards to nip in. His first effort came back off the bar but he was the first to react and knock the ball in. This was his eighth goal of the season and for somebody that seems to do absolutely nothing other than score it's some going. My sort of player... That said the lad up front with him's a fair player. Paul Rogers. Not the ex-Latics player that scored at Wembley nor the lead singer with Free but a good lad that holds the ball up well.

The Robins composed themselves and with Dean Callaway becoming more influential The Robins began to dominate with McNally, Chipper Martin and Ryan Small all going close/missing sitters*. * delete as you feel appropriate

As the game entered the final ten minutes and with darkness descending - just switch the bloody lights on - The Robins piled on the pressure and a superb move resulted in Neil Swift slotting the winner with his first goal for the club. After that The Robins easily saw out the final few minutes and now face Runcorn Linnets - in what should be a cracking game - down at the Stadio de Robin Park sometime in February.

In a nutshell:
Pies - peppery, lovely, butties after game a little bland. Chips good though
Programme £1.20 Very decent home-made programme
MILF bar maid? Sadly no. Male* and daft as a brush. Lager not bad though
*The Hopper bought a cracking Ashton badge off him, mind
Man of the match - they gave it to Deano Callaway. The Wigan Robin Bastards gave it to nobody in particular. it was one of those games.
Goalscoring charts: Chris McNally 9, Ryan Small 7, Steve Williams 6
Draw - Runcorn at home. Looking forward to it. Wonder if that lad that hit me at Canal Street in 1978 will be still watching them?!??! btw that's Canal Street in Runcorn, their old ground not that street in Manchester...

Next up Rochdale Town next Saturday. preview later in week (maybe...)

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Free Fanzine with the Wigan Robins v AFC Liverpool programme this Saturday

Saturday's game against AFC Liverpool will see the launch of the Wigan Robin Park FC fanzine.

Entitled Fields of Flowers it will be free with the matchday programme.

The 16-page A6 pocket size fanzine features:

yer wot by mike duff
October Vodkat observations
Alfie Conn
Are the Robins the roughest team in the world
DJ John Leech's October playlist
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (remake)
Some of the things we miss at football
Ten years after
An A-Z of Wigan bands
Mild & Bitter were the Days
David Bowie and some other bits and bobs

It's a small supplement that I hope to produce for most home matches.

While it's a bit of fun and talks about all sorts of stuff happening at The Robins, in Wigan and elsewhere the idea is to help raise the profile of the club in the area and within non-league circles.

Also we have all worked very hard in producing an excellent programme this season and if by including a DIY-style fanzine supplement with it we can shift a few more copies - as well as entertain our fans further - then we'll be happy.

As we all know every penny counts at this level... So £1.50 for a great programme and fanzine sounds alright by me.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Dominoes tumble at the hands of Wigan Robins

The lost cup-tie

Stone Dominoes 1 Wigan Robin Park 3

As always a top day out at Stone.

This time however we won and in the process made the Dominoes look very average.

The immaculate pitch - which cynics may say remains like that as the ball never touches the floor with the way Stone play - was The Robins best friend as Neafcy, Corcy and Small bossed the game in midfield.

Bit unfair to single anybody out, mind, as it was pretty much a complete performance with all the players putting in an excellent performance.

Playing all the football The Robins dominated the game from start to finish and eased into a 2-0 lead through two superb goals from Ryan Small in the sixty third and sixty seventh minutes. One a great looping header from the edge of the box - the other a fine shot drilled into the corner of the net

However ten minutes later Stone got back into game through a scrappy Dwayne Spence and moments later were awarded a ridiculous penalty. Scott Robinson clearly got the ball, the league's top scorer Dan Brown knew this and went down like a lead balloon. A bad decision from a referee that actually had a good game but... it could have changed the game.

Brown dusted himself down, stepped up but Robins keeper Jay Foulds pulled off a great save as justice was seen to be done.

The Robins simply picked the ball up, went straight up the field and after terrific work from Steve Williams and Andy Neafcy - Chris McNally powered in a drive from the edge of the area for his seventh goal of the season and sealed the win for The Robins.

Game over. The one team that tried to play football won it and that has got to be right.

I have to say I can't quite understand Stone manager Shaun Hollinshead's mindset. They could be a decent side and a team has to be able to stand up to them to have a chance. We put in our worst display in years when we lost in the league a few weeks ago but they only have the plan A. Dan Brown and the big lad Charlton are great players but all the team seem to do is boot the ball long and hard. Personally I just wouldn't like to watch it each week, whatever the success it appears to be bringing. But each to their own.

In the next round The Robins make the short trip to Ashton Town on Saturday 31 October in what should be a cracking and feisty cup encounter.

So in a nutshell
Stone players in the showers singing: "We're gonna win the league!" Well you're not going to win the cup and I would hazard a guess unless you can bully a few more teams you won't win the league
Oatcakes - marvellous
Neil Swift - great first full ninety for the lad. Tremendous full debut. That said Whitey on the other side at left back had a cracker. Even if he was knackered for the last twenty. We thought oxygen might be required at one point!
Millie Small getting back to his best. However I should have known my: "I'll get you a pint if you score" would inspire him. Two pints of lager in Park Lane (at those prices). Anyhow he needed it as he was going to his gay cousin's birthday party later on.
Thanks to our driver Kev we got there with a few minutes to spare which was quite good as we had no sat nav, directions or anything...
Just one programme left when we got there. How many did they do? -Five?
Chipper at centre forward ... and you know what he did terrific
Bring on the Ashton Bads


The Reserves began a new era under Dave Knowles' managership by coming back from 2-0 down to draw 2-2 with Ashton Town Reserves.

Sounded a stormer as they were down to ten men on sixty minutes - with the sending-off of Big Pey Vermiglio but got back in it with an Ian Gough penalty before Meathead equalised with a powerful header (his words) in the dying seconds. Congrats to all involved in what has been a tough start to the season for the ressies.

Meathead is still talking everybody through his goal!

This Saturday it is back to league action at very-much-improved Daisy Hill. That's the team Daisy Hill not the place - that we guess will be it's normal self. A train job, a few beers and hopefully three points.

"Big Fat John's Barmy Army, Big Fat John's Barmy Army"

Preview later in the week...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Wigan Robins, Bob Dylan, Stone Roses and Snoop Dogg

Crank up the Jukebox Wigan Robins are going to Stone Doms

In the first of an occasional series (God knows how we'll get twenty songs with a Daisy reference for next week but...) we put together the ideal soundtrack for the journey to an away match.

This week Stone Dominoes and without further ado we give you:

1. Like a Rolling Stone - Bob Dylan

Recently voted by somebody somewhere as the greatest song ever. Not sure about that but it's bang up there and with lyrics like:

You never turned around to see the frowns on the jugglers and the clowns
When they all come down and did tricks for you
You never understood that it aint no good
You shouldnt let other people get your kicks for you
You used to ride on the chrome horse with your diplomat
Who carried on his shoulder a siamese cat
Aint it hard when you discover that
He really wasnt where its at
After he took from you everything he could steal.

How does it feel
How does it feel
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

What's not to like?

2. Roll away the Stone - Mott the Hoople

They've not played together for thirty years or so, hardly spoken but they've just gone a done a serious of concerts - you can read about it here - and it was absolutely magnificent


"There's a rockabilly party on a Saturday night
Are you gonna be there?
Well I got my invite"

3. I'm stone in love with you - The Stylistics

A Smooth Radio favourite and a bit schmaltzy but sod it the lad can sing and it takes me back to the seventies. Russell Thompkins and The New Stylistics are at the Robin Park Arena tomorrow as part of the David Gest show - if you hurry

4. (I'm not your) Stepping Stone - The Monkees

Sex Pistols and others have done the song but this is the definitive version. Great song even better group

5. Anything by The Rolling Stones.
Yeah pretty much anything but if we must pick one She's a Rainbow

6. Anything by The Stone Roses.
Yeah pretty much anything but if we must pick one and for the sake of consistency Made of Stone

7. Turn to Stone - Electric Light Orchestra.
Bad school discos werenot brightened by this track but with hindsight, in the car speeding along it's not topo bad.

8. Tombstone Blues - sod it you're having another Bob Dylan song:
"Mama's in the fact'ry
She ain't got no shoes
Daddy's in the alley
He's lookin' for FOOD
I'm in the KITCHEN
With the tombstone blues"

9. Stone Cold Crazy - Queen
From Sheer Heart Attack - when Queen were good - Brian may's guitar on this is superb

10. I Wanna Thank You - Angie Stone
Angie Stone is wonderful - add Snoop Dogg into the mix and what more do you want

11. Super Duper Love - Joss Stone

I like Joss Stone - she's got soul whatever anybody says and this song is great next to Angie.

12. Danger Zone - Stone the Crows
And speaking of white girls with soul - well none have/had more than Maggie Bell the lead singer in Stone the Crows

13. Family Affair - Sly and the Family Stone. First number one to use a drum machine/programmed rhythm track according to urban myth. Not sure myself but when you're twelve years of age in 1971 it doesn't get much funkier than this

14. Beatles and the Stones - The House of Love

Underrated late eighties band. Great song

15. Stone Cold Sober - Paloma Faith

She's a bit Amy-lite and again it's being done to death on Smooth Radio but she's quirky as owt, used to be a Burlesque dancer and it's a bit of a tune...

16. Stoned Love - The Supremes

Without Miss Ross but with Jean Terrell on lead vocals this is a great pop song. Er about the Vietnam War. Fantastic instrumentation bu the glorious Funk Brothers

17. And it stoned me - Van Morrison

At his lyrical, gypsy, ramblin best

18. Stepping Stone - Duffy

Joyous "fuck off out of my life" song from the Welsh wondergirl.

19. Sticks N' Stones - Jamie T

Great song from one of the the best album's of the year - Kings & Queens. Not sure if it's this generation's London Calling as was reported somewhere but it's alright.

20. Broken Stones - Paul Weller

Weller gets his mojo back on the Stanley Road. Great album, great sleeve and great song

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Miss Wigan Robin Park October 2009 Robyn Bewersdorf

Miss Robyn Bewersdorf (or more better known as Tiffany Teen*)

* more better known if you watch a certain sort of film

we like her anyway...

Wigan Robins back on that windy track...

Wigan Robin Park 3 Chadderton 0

After the defeat to Skem United (Sorry Atherton Colls) and Holker Old Boys in the Lancashire Shield it was good to see the Mighty Robins get back to winning ways with a great 3-0 victory over Chadderton at a windswept Robin Park Arena.

So windswept that the duggouts were threatening to take off. This led to the Arena manager declaring that they couldn't be used that led to the Chaddy management team having a right moan. Not quite sure what could be done. Play the game one tales off and blows across the pitch and injures (or worse) a player, official or spectator!?!?

Makes me laugh sometimes when officials have a go about a variety of things at the Arena. We know it's not perfect that's why everybody at the club is trying their hardest to make the place a proper home.

And I'll give you:

Great view
Great pies, coffee and everything else
Half-time and full-time hospitality second to none
A bloody good programme
Teamsheet if required
Along with Stone - the best pitch in the league
Excellent training rooms
A 1200-capacity-stand with decent seats all away from the elements
An argument with the locals...

I could go on but to moan about the duggouts in a gale-force wind seems a bit petty. Not as though they play at the Emirates themselves is it.

Anyroad... Goals from Ryan Small and Chris McNally either side of half-time put The Robins in control before Steve Williams wrapped up the points in the 85th-minute with a quality goal.

Williams' goal rounded off a great day for The Robins and for his own father Bill who saw his three sons Steve, Chris and Danny line up together for Robin Park for the first time. Bill celebrated by having a row with a Chadderton fan!!

Dead pleased for Danny as he pulled off a string of fine saves with the game at nil-nil. Giving that he'd conceded (through no fault of his own) 103 goals in the last couple of reserve games he must have been a bit nervous but played superbly.

In fact at nil-nilyou could see the game going either way but a much more spirited performance from the lads saw good goals from Millie Small and Macca - well Macca's was a tap-in but - and a stunning individual goal from Steve Williams. This - along with his overall performance also netted him the MOM.

Other highlights: Well Chris McNally's 40-yarder that came back from the underside bar was a marvellous sight. Macca claimed the ball was two yards over the line while the liner was adamant after the game that it didn't cross the line. It looked closed (not two yards over, mind) from where I was sat. As for the rest of the game it was just good to see us win after three losses on the bounce and win in some style in terrible conditions. Also good to see Paul McVeigh get almost ninety minutes in as he led the line well, giving Small, Steve Williams and McNally the freedom to roam a bit.

The beer tasted better than recently after the game and you can't say more than that.

Next up is Stone Dominoes in the Vodkat Challenge Cup. Can't wait and hopefully we can avenge the recent league defeat. get those oatcakes ready

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Wigan: The Right Staffs and The Rolling Stones

The Streets of San Fran er... Stoke

Defeat in the FA Vase means that The Robins will be travelling to Staffordshire on successive weekends. This Saturday it's Stone away but just gone was Norton away. A very pleasant Norton, as well...

Not been able to say that before as last season we had to contend with the fog and the cold but this time well... It was sunny, hot and in a certain light the hilly streets of Stoke could be mistaken for the hilly Streets of San Francisco. Almost.

Add into this no traffic jams on the M6 and a simple journey you know it's going to be okay. Pitch was good, if a tad long on the grass side and the lads were soon out on the pitching warming up/or cooling down. Bill Williams - dad of the Williams 3 - and myself settled for a cold lager watching fat middle-aged men playing cricket on the adjoning pitch. Good entertaining stuff as the runs and wickets fell in equal numbers. The home team seemed to be knocking a few runs but taking tea at twenty past two suggests they didn't get that many.

As for the footy... Game of two halves. They scored first thanks to "Skip to the Paul" Macari - son of - and could (and probably should) have gone two up when Jay Foulds was fouled after what seemed an innocuous challenge resulting in the "goal" not standing.

On the stroke of half-time The Robins were awarded a penalty and a great chance to equalise. Unfortunately Steve Williams blasted (well not even blasted but more scooped) the ball high and wide and half the way to Burslem.

We adjourned for cheese and ham butties and a lovely mug of tea whilst - I assume - a bollocking was dished out in the dressing room.

It worked as we got control of the game and played some lovely football. Well-taken doubles from Ry Small and Chris McNally pretty much settled it. Corcy got a kick on the head - that made less press inches than Robin van Persie's. Maybe we should have had one of those blood capsules for more effect. Chipper hit the bar with another rasping shot whilst Adi Whittle also went close with a cracker. Steve Williams had a great game holding the ball and line but had one of those games where he wouldn't have scored if he'd played until midnight on Sunday. These things happen.

So in a nutshell...

Pie and peas - but make sure you have your raffle ticket. No ticket no pie
Piemaids - very pleasant
Lager - cold and very nice. Wasps a bit of a pain, mind
Ref and linesmen - better than of recent. But that doesn't mean that much...
MOM - Dean Callaway (as voted by them). Not quite sure that's right but as the game went on he terrorised their defence but in the second half everybody played well
Programme - just okay nothing more...

This Saturday sees The Robins travel to Motiva Parkv - the home of Stone Dominoes. Massive game and a real tough un. The lads are buzzing, the weather forecast is good, the pitch down there is fantastic and it all adds up to being a cracker

And with all this Beatles stuff about at the moment here are TEN STONES FOR THE STONES. Crank up the stereo it's only rock and roll but I like it, like it

19th Nervous Breakdown
Paint It Black
Let's Spend The Night Together
Honky Tonk Women
Sympathy For The Devil
Brown Sugar
Under My Thumb
Jumpin' Jack Flash
I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Street Fighting Man

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

River of tears as Wigan drop off the Wembley trail

Lomax in FC United mode. You can see the swagger. Photo nicked from the web... Well from - some really excellent pics there

Ramsbottom 4 Wigan Robin Park 1 (After extra time 1-1 after 97 1/2 minutes)

Rammy in the rain - and a really odd sort of rain as well. That type that doesn't get you wet. It appeared to be hammering down but it wasn't getting you wet. Also at times it seemed to be raining on one side of the pitch and not the other.

Very bizarre but all that said what a decent set-up the Riverside Ground is. Grass lawns, park benches, idiosyncratic stands, cover behind one goal, separate tea bars with padded seats. Pie and peas, tea and coffee in mugs, a decent programme and an alright team on the pitch.

Well better than alright - in that they were quick, big, strong but most of all a set of whinging dirty buggers. But more of that in a moment...

In depth:

After a shaky start The Robins gained their composure, started playing their trademark attacking football and deservedly took the lead on 29 minutes through Steve Williams.

By this stage it was apparent that we were going to get absolutely fuck-all from the referee as the Rammy number 5 - who otherwise had an excellent game - metaphorically got away with murder as he fouled Steve Williams every time he went near to him. Add in the elbowed assault on Ryan Small by another Rammy player, the refusal to give a blatant penalty on Williams in the second half, the continual use of the elbow by Massey upfront etc etc. The referee was a complete tosser. Arrogant beyond belief, calling the Rammy players by their first name while the fat liner could spot that there was more than one person stood up in the technical area but couldn't see that a player was offisde by five yards two-foot in front of him.

Football-wise the otherwise outstanding Dean Callaway - who ruined their right back all game - had a glorious chance to seal the game for Wigan but shot wide with just the keeper to beat before Ramsbottom substitute Carl Lomax headed home deep into stoppage time. Absolutely gutting. Especially as this Lomax swaggered back from FC United and onto the pitch in that Salford way, diamond earrings glistening in the Lancashire floodlights while calling The Robins fans "scousers". Thick fuck. He was a bloody good player mind. In all honesty they had a few good uns and we can take heart that we matched them - and more - for a large part of the game.

In extra time - despite good efforts from Mike Wood and Paul McVeigh - the hosts used their higher league experience to score three goals to seal a flattering 4-1 victory and break the hearts of The Robins players, management and large contingent of travelling supporters.

Jay Foulds

Jay Foulds - in goal - probably edged the man of the match ahead of Woody at right back and Steve Williams who put a magnificent shift in leading the line. But all-in-all everybody played well.

In a nutshell:

Ground: Great little set-up
Pie chart: Excellent. Peas always a bonus and at £1.50 not bad
Piemaid: Two middle-aged blokes. We want MILFS
Referee and linesemen - Appalling - the fact that neither of the liners would give a decision and bowed down to the arrogant twat in the centre beggers belief. Then again the one on the far side did flag for a penalty for us at 3-1 in extra time but the ref simply ignored him.
Lessons learned: Showed we are a cracking young team. Rammy's experience and bit of devilment did us and maybe we need that bit of nastiness in there. But we showed we can play a bit.
Crowd: Good vociferous following from Wigan in a crowd of 123. Yeah right, we head-counted more than that on opposite side and behind one goal
Doctor Baker asking some Ramsbottom fans why the ground was called the Riverside after they'd just told him where the river was...
Question: Why extra time in first game? Surely the away team should have advantage of trying to bring the home team back to their gaff.
Holding on: Yes they put us under pressure but again away team's prerogative.
Injury time: Seven and a half minutes!
Ramsbottom United: Good side and all the best to them for remainder of season and their cup run.
We can concentrate: On the league, two Vodkat cups and Lancashire Shield. Wembley will have to wait...

ps There should have been some photos with this but by the time I remembered I'd got my camera we were into Mr Pinder's added-on time

Monday, 31 August 2009

Follow, follow The Robins are going all techno

Just a quick note to let you good people know:

We have a new official website:

We are on twitter:

We are talking bollocks on:

And are on facebook at: Group - Wigan Robin Bastards

Follow Wigan's non-league football club...

Wigan go to Barlick and back and come back with nowt

Apologies for the lack of updates but real life... and laziness has got in the way. So what's happened since the last time?

Well we put seven past Rochdale, signed Steve Williams from Burscough which now means we can sing:

"There's only three Williams brothers (and their dad)
There's only three Williams brothers (and their dad)
They used to be Scouse but now they're all ours
Walking in a Williams wonderland."

To the tune of Winter Wonderland.

Three brothers in a team, eh. The last time this happened - I am led to believe by Vinnie - is when the Neafcy brothers played together. this was a long time ago and I don't think they were as good as the Williams boys but... They tell me Vinnie was like shit off a shovel which begs the question: "Why is his Andy so bloody slow?"

Other than that we crashed out of the Wigan Cup to Golborne Sports. A disastrous night that saw the author pick up another Robins-related injury. This time a bloody insect bite that put me on death's door the next day. Well death's door might be exaggerating a bit but it knocked me for six for a day or so.

Total injuries 2009/10 so far
Banged head - Leek
Wasp sting - Holker
Burned top lip (off a pie) - Rochdale
Insect bite - Golborne

I'd be safer in the centre of defence...

On Saturday we travelled to the East Lancashire/Yorkshire borders where we lost by two goals to nil against Barnoldswick Town. Nice little gaff, some backward fans (as is often the case that way) and four seasons in one day. Oh and we battered 'em. Hit the woodwork four times, gifted them two goals - the only shots they had - and somehow got nothing from the game... Good game all told and we'll bounce back...

In a nutshell:

Can't believe we didn't get anything from it. one way traffic for the last hour

MOM (as voted by their team/officials) McNally

Actual Robins MOMs (as voted by a the Robin Bastards) Chipper Martin - bar his usual dodgy first twenty minutes

Ref - Utterly awful. Booking the wrong player, letting players wander on and off pitch etc etc

Liners - The fat 'un weren't bad but the one on our side. How hard is it to get an offside decision correct

Pitch - Green and sloping

Barnoldswick folk - some decent people but that little mob with their racist chants and the rest. It's 2009 for fuck's sake...

Pie Chart - Nice sausage rolls, coffee in mugs, pie and peas in proper crockery - excellent stuff

Piemaid - Lovely young blonde girl. Very pleasant in all aspects

After match grub - Hotdogs and ham butties in the Bath Springs

Beer - Bad Carling lager - not good, not good at all...

Programme - very good

Played 4 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 1 Points 7 Position 6th

Ramsbottom preview - later in the week

Miss Wigan Robin Park September 2009 Nico Robin

Nico Robin is a tall, attractive woman with shoulder length black hair. She frequently wears somewhat revealing clothing that is either dark in color or consisting of leather, sometimes both. Perhaps as a result of her violent past, she is very unmerciful during combat. She will break the necks or spines of her enemies without hesitation, even when they cry for forgiveness. At one point, she even attempted to break the spine of one of her fellow crew members (Usopp as Sogeking on the sea train). Despite her tendency to remain calm and collected, she can be quite intimidating and forceful when she wishes. This is exhibited when she essentially forces Brook to stop fooling around and continue his explanation."

She's our type of woman...

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wigan hit the bar and the Old Boys for two...

After a long wet summer competitive football returned to the stadio de robin park with the first home league game against Holker Old Boys.

Rain, rain and more rain might have made it difficult but two goals in the first half made for a comfortable victory. First up was a Chris McNally penalty before a well-taken Ryan Small on the stroke of half-time killed off the opponents and the game in general.

Holker huffed and puffed and despite their two lads up front looking lively The Robins were never in danger.

Andy Neafcy - who is currently challenging Small for the "best midfielder in Wigan" crown was outstanding whilst the defence were marshalled superbly by Chris Williams and James "Dixie" Deane. What made this even more remarkable is that Deane was playing after his near-fatal head injury on Saturday. Doctors examining him after the game at Leek however claimed that his injury was nothing more than a "bump" compared to the author of this piece's head injury. Sustained by banging his head on the duggout retrieving a wayward pass - that could have been from Dixie!!!

While the team looked sluggish at times it was good to see a second clean sheet, the Small v Macca league goalscoring contest sitting at 1-1 and the team sitting in second place in the table. Not that tables should be looked at after just two games but ....

All that said it wasn't the football on the pitch that was the main talking point in the stand as after a year the bar at the Arena was at last open. Added a whole different atmosphere to the place. All we need now is a decent telly for the results and the place might start to resemble a football club/clubhouse.

Meanwhile here are a few things we noticed at the match.

The programmes and badges went like hot cakes - however hot cakes go.

Paul Vermiglio is better at banter from the stands than football on the pitch

MOM: (as voted for by "them men") McNally

MOM: (as voted for by the Wigan Robin Bastards) Neafcy

Their MOM: (as voted for by the Wigan Robin Bastards) Their keeper: we hadn't noticed anybody and somebody said: "keeper" and that was it

Lager: Fosters alright John Smiths decent

Barmaid: A fella but his two willing assistants were pretty if somewhat young (edited by site: TOO young)

Pie Chart: According to Ned Goon: "These pies are alreet!"

After-match refreshments: decent butties

Roll on Saturday...

Monday, 10 August 2009


In a nutshell:

Tough physical game - Robins coped well and looked the more likely to snatch a win. But fair result overall.

MOM (as voted by their team/officials) Small

Actual Robins MOMs (as voted by a few blokes in pub) Chris Williams, Neafcy, Callaway

Ref - Awful

Liners - worse

Pitch - bobbly and full of weeds

Leek Hospitality - excellent

Pie Chart M&P - very peppery £1.50 lovely

Barmaid - Mandy MILFtastic

After match grub - Burgers, sausages, onions & chip butties

Beer - normal Carling lager - average

Programme - very good

Played 1 Drawn 1 Points 1

In a little bit more depth

Good start to the season. Lovely weather, a proper old football ground and cracking pies. What more can a man ask for?

Well three points would have been nice but a nil-niller - due to lack of chances for both sides - was probably the fairest of results.

Leek CSOB are probably the most direct team in the decision with the old fellar at number nine working the line very well. So credit must go to the whole of the defence that hardly gave them a snif.

For The Robins Deano Callaway had a fine game and went the closest with an 18-yard drive hitting the post while Macca made himself a great half-chance after he completely out-foxed their defender but the keeper prevailed. At the other end Jay Foulds made one of those superb point blank saves/just hit him save (delete as appropriate).

It was good to see us in the ascendancy at the death as the lads' fitness held out on a very warm day and difficult pitch.

There will be some photos up when i work out what to do with The Hopper's camera!

Next up is Holker tomorrow night... 8pm kick-off. Your support is most welcome

Thursday, 30 July 2009


An extract from summat that's upcoming and all that and a look back to last season

Norton Utd 3 - 2 Wigan Robin Park

Competition: Division 1 Trophy, Round 2

November 29, 2008

I’m on the train for this one. On my own.

My mate was going to come with me but he went down with MRS on the Thursday. The Mrs wouldn’t let him go!

Any road it’s a doddle of a journey. Train to Manchester, then to Stoke and then back up the line a stop or two to Longport. Then step off into 1981. It’s like a scene from the film This Is England. Pit Bulls walking Pit Bulls. Pubs with Union Flags flying limply, boarded up houses and the odd corner shop. Get my head down and walk. And walk and walk and walk. One big hill until I get to Burslem.

Burslem’s shut. Bloody hell it’s Saturday afternoon and with Port Vale being away there isn’t a soul about. I nip in The Bull’s Head and it’s lovely. Proper pub, roaring fire, rock music on the jukey and some great real ale available. I do my normal and sample a dark beer followed by a light one. Nobody bothers me as I bury my head in my paper. It is also worth noting that the pub is owned by the Titanic brewery and it looks like the town went down with it.

The climb from the pub to Smallthorne - where Norton United are based – takes on Everest comparisons. However I doubt Edmund Hillary conquered Everest while dying for a piss. And if he did he probably just whipped it out. As long as Sherpa Tenzing didn’t eat the yellow snow it would have been okay. Me I’m on some busy ‘A’ road with houses on either side. Every attempt to nip up a drive way leads to a scruffy little Herbert coming the other way – with aforementioned Pit Bull. I make it – just – to one of those dodgy 1970s pubs that were once the height of fashion. Around about the time Double Diamond was trendy and most beer came in Party Fours. Thankfully it’s one of those pubs where the bog is near the door and you can just nip in there without sight of the bar or mine host.

By the time I gain my senses and check my map I realise the club’s around the corner and make my way into yet another 1960s sink estate. In 2007 Phil and Kristie – those two property gurus off the telly – you know the ones. She’s the chubby posh bit of totty that is rather fanciable while he thinks he’s one of the Mitchell brothers. Well - they and Channel 4 - voted Stoke as the thirteenth worst place in Britain to live in. I wouldn’t like to go to the other twelve! Incidentally Middlesbrough is the worst if you were wondering.

The clubhouse is fine. Wolves and Birmingham are on the telly and the Guinness tastes mighty fine. I settle down waiting for the other Robins to arrive whilst eavesdropping one of their fellas moaning about last week's referee and linesman, his wife, the league and more about his wife. Bloody hell but then again it is the thirteenth worst place in Britain to live.

Norton United were formed in 1989 after a bloke from Norton Cricket Club wanted summat to do in the winter. They were promoted to the NWCL in 2001 where they have continued their development and now run sides at Under 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10’s.

I can see the cricket pitch from the bar. Well I could when I last looked. Then I look again I can see sweet FA. The fog’s come down and there is no chance the game will be on. You can’t see a thing but wait… Taffy and the boys tell me it’s on and as I make my way around to join the rest of the Deadly Dugout Crew the fog gets thicker. It doesn’t seem to bother the ref and off we go. There appears to be about fifty on and if anybody is thinking of going over the wall for free then nobody will see them never mind stop them.

The game takes the normal path with Robins playing the football and Norton booting it long. There are a few scares along the way but with 6 minutes until half time our passing game got the better of them as a fine move resulted in Danny Worthington slipping the ball through to the onrushing Andy Miller who made no mistake in firing the Robins in front.

The second half began three minutes before I’d realised it had! By now you couldn’t see the nose in front of your face. Even Phil Thompson and Pinocchio wouldn’t have been able to see the nose in front of their face.

All I can tell is that Norton seem to be having the better of the game now. Five minutes in John Neafcy says: “Vaughanie can you nip round the other side and do some coaching and help the young lad on the right wing out.”

“Bloody hell John I’ve had seven pints, I can’t see at the best of times and I was brought up on Rugby Union.”

“Aye no problem.

“What’s his name?”

By the time I get round the other side to help young Niall Callaghan out they’ve equalised. A silly free kick was conceded on the right and as the ball was swung in it was only half headed away and some big midfielder managed to head the ball into the net.

By the time I get to have a word with young Niall Callaghan we’re back in the lead through a great Andy Miller goal. That should have been it but Norton upped the pressure again and got their second with twenty minutes remaining, a long ball down the right wing was crossed to the back post which wasn’t dealt with giving the midfielder an easy job of poking the ball home.

With the fog on their backs Norton could sense a winner and with ten minutes left another free kick was conceded on the right. A melee ensued; the ball was up in the air for what seemed like ages before their giant centre half looped a header into the top corner.

As the Robins kicked off the fog lifted but there was no way back. As for my words of encouragement to young Niall Callaghan – well they consisted off a few: “Get at the full back he’s fucking crap” and “just whack the useless piece of shit.”

The remainder of the time I was arguing with one of their lot who may or may not have been “the useless piece of shit’s” dad.

There is no way I’m braving the mean streets of Burslem after dark so grab a lift back to Wigan with Taffy. The linesman also grabs a lift back to Wigan with Taffy. And we have a right laugh with him. This lad who we will call Phil – cos his name is Phil – is absolutely crackers and proves that to be a referee or liner you have to be wired up incorrectly. When asked whether he could see properly in the fog he said: “Yeah not too bad but I had to guess a few times and I couldn’t tell the difference with the kits.” He also conceded there was no way it was going into extra time.

“Oh something would have happened!”

He then went on to tell us how he reffed on a Sunday when he had had a skin full. He was in the final trials for Britain’s Got Talent ­– as a break-dancer, how he’s applied for the army and how he booked the acts at Newtown Labour Club. This was all told in one of the best stuttering voices I’ve ever heard.

Seemed a decent fella but utterly bonkers and it ensured the journey went with a laugh.

What it all did mean was we were out of the Division One Trophy and Рif I could use that old clich̩ bollocks - could now concentrate on the league.

Official Team Ratings

Jason Foulds 7

Phil Dennett 7

Mark Evans 7

Ben Kay 7

Dougy Pitts 7

Andrew Neafcy 7

Niall Callaghan 7

Scott Callaghan 7

Andrew Miller 7 (2 GOALS * STAR MAN)

Danny Worthington 7

Dean Callaway 7


James Martin 7

Darren Mullen 7

Goal Descriptions:

Andrew Miller (39 min): A well delivered through-ball from Danny Worthington was converted by Andrew Miller. A fine finish with the right foot from 18 yards out. (7/10)

Andrew Miller (57 min): A virtuoso solo goal by Andrew Miller, scored from 18 yards out with the right foot. It has to go down in the records as a first-class effort. (8/10)

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

THE Wigan Blog is back

The blog is back...

For general nonsense about The Robins - watch this space
For chat about The Robins -
For official news about The Robins -

Next home fixture Tuesday 4 August 2009 Skelmersdale United FRIENDLY

The classic double header; Miss Wigan Robin Park July & August 2009



Saturday, 11 July 2009

Sussex County League Div 1 thrown into chaos

At 09:36AM Sun Oct 05 2008, TerryThomas of the good ship Robin Park posted on a messageboard:

“In response to Pilps question re result at Blackpool, this site has everything on it and is kept up to date.”

And I was introduced to the magnificent website that is and it has kept me entertained ever since. It is quite simply a wonderful website. Tony Kempster was a pioneer of online news for the grassroots game. A genuine fan, an ex-player, a statto and somebody that knew somebody out there would want to know if there was a match on – ANYWHERE – on a Thursday evening in late May.

On a Saturday if you wanted to know how your Step 6 rivals had gone on then you’d click on his site as the results would be updated hours before official sites. Your game called off and you wanted to go somewhere then there was only one person to call.

Sadly when I – and others on Mudhuts discovered this site Tony was already suffering with cancer and this month he sadly passed away. There are numerous obituaries online that do the man service. From looking at the site over the last eight months what I could tell about the man was that he carried himself with great dignity until the end.

Regular contributors are hoping to continue the good work of Tony while the messageboard is as busy as ever. Just as he would have liked it to be. And it’s a great messageboard. Bloody stupid topics at times but where else would you able to find out that: “There are at least 5 pitches at The Osterley Sports Ground. The main pitch is railed off and enclosed on at least 3 sides is for CB Hounslow United and their reserves only. Another pitch has dugouts and is roped off FC Deportivo Galicia play here. A third pitch has dugouts. Many other teams mainly in The Middlesex League lower divisions play on the other pitches including Eutectic, Barn Elms, CB United Social, CB United Social A, amongst others.”

And amongst it all it is almost-free from all the Billy Big Bollocks arguing as is the case on most football messageboards.

As I type this a current hot topic is Favourite Club Names that gives you a flavour of the site...

Here are a few that have been mentioned and this is exactly what should be discussed on messageboards. Not “What songs we should sing?” or “Who are we signing?”

The spirit of football lives on:

Meanwhile enjoy…

Donkey Dodgers of the Rochdale Alliance
Jesmond Mysterons
Godolphin Atlantic
Deportivo Wanka (Peru)
Dukla Prague (thanks to the glorious Half Man Half Biscuit)
Go Ahead Eagles
Sporting Bengal
Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
Stonehouse Violet
Linlithgow Rose
Meppershall Jurassic
Dangerous Darkies (South African 2nd Division as featured in original Cockney Latic fanzine)
Golden Bees (Namibia)
Pigeon Vert (Congo)
Cape Coast Mysterious Dwarves (Ghana)
Eleven Men in Flight (Swaziland)
Maseru Naughty Boys (sadly just relegated from the Lesotho Premier League)
Crookham Krakatoa
Hwange F.C. (Zimbabwe), because the town of Hwange was for many years known as Wankie !
Expanded on by somebody else: “We were 13 years old and in geography. We were being taught about what was then Rhodesia and on the map of that region one of the lads noticed the town of Wankie. He said to the teacher, "Sir, if people in London are called Londoners, what are people in Wankie called?" Cool as you like Mr. Marchant replied, "Rhodesians, John."
From South African third tier:
Mr Price Parkhurst
Mathata Take Me Cool
Mighty Mega Force
Lephalale Young Killers (who play in the Limpopo group against Peace Lovers)
Cloud 9 (in the same group as Liverpool, Blackburn Rovers and Manchester United)
Newmilns Vesuvius (Scottish Amateur side)
Norfolk and Chance (Great Yarmouth League side)
FC Santa Claus (Finland)
Joe Public (Trinidad & Tobago Pro League)
Dinamo Bender (Moldova)
Special mention too for Helsinki team FC Jazz. Nice...
Asthmatic Pit Ponies AFC (Scottish Amateur Football Association)

Dinamo Bender crest

RIP Tony Kempster

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Cover-ups, cock-ups and a cup of char with Brenda Spencer

THE COVER Click on image to enlarge

Coming soon

Keep your eye on for more details

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Business, Bobbin' Along, Books and Bootle Away

Based in Wigan, VaughanMedia was set up to offer easy, uncomplicated and affordable access to the media for individuals and small businesses. Are you looking to stand out in your market? If so we can create a stunning logo for you, design the stationery, produce your brochure, organise your ad to go in the local paper or magazine and build you a new website. Your corporate identity may look dated and your business may have outgrown your existing look. VaughanMedia has the graphics, design and writing skills to give you a strong, clear and consistent image across both the printed and online media.

Maybe you're launching a new business, product, or you're an individual with a story to tell. Our creativity and enthusiasm coupled with a practical no-nonsense approach will not only help you realise your vision but also get that vision into the press and across the world wide web. We'll even help you publish that book you've been writing and make sure the press get to hear about it.

Meanwhile please take a look at our first publication:

Strictly limited at a hundred copies only with all profits going to Wigan Robin Park FC

All details can be found at:

Monday, 8 June 2009

Early June news from the Wigan Robins: Martinez to join at Christmas

Well due to John Neafcy refusing to speak to SKY Sports and the BBC after he was acused of "tapping up" a Downall Green United player who's agent just happened to be a "Neafcy" means that news is a little thin on the ground.

However the following can be reported - not all of it may be true...

Ryan Small (Wigan's best midfielder) was spotted at the counter in Billinge Spar buying a Twix and a can of Coke

The same Ryan Small has told Skem United to "eff off" stating; "I'm Robins 'til I die." Plus (probably): "I'll never pay my fines off!"

FC United are thought to be sniffing - they'll get the same answer (hopefully). Plus he'd never manage to get the train to midweek training sessions

Ben Kay is on holiday thinking over a move to Atletico Madrid

Dougy Pitts is sat in Ashton thinking over a move to St Helens Town

The kit will again be Red & White Hoops - but with a new sponsor. The Rossoneri kit will have to wait another year...

There are some really good frendlies set up - but just waiting for confirmation.

Roberto Martinez has agreed a three-year deal to turn out for the stiffs when required. He could be free after Christmas. Hope not like... as he'll never get Mossy's place.

Taffy Roberts was heavily backed at 16-1 with Doris the Bookmaker over on Mudhuts for the Latics job. It is thought Father Jack wouldn't shell out for a new crutch for Taffy.

Jimmy "Chipper" Martin and Titus Bramble will be gettng the bus to matches together after their recent driving misdemeanours.

The Bath Springs has become a Gastro Pub. Rumours that Ian told Gordon Ramsey to "Feck off" when he tried to add Fried Mars Bars to the menu are unconfirmed.

The Bear has promised to lose three stones in weight this summer!

Paul Vermiglio has promised to lose four stones in weight this summer!!

Vaughanie has promised to lose five stones in weight this summer!!!

He's also promised to update this blog every couple of days so....


Sorry for the delay and just for the bloke who asked me in ASDA where Miss June was:

We give you:

Robyn Rihanna Fenty

Rihanna to all and sundry and the lack of clothes... well it is summer

ps try and find the other nude photos of the girl that are knocking about... blimey

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Wigan's May Queen Crowned

Her name's Robin Sydney - she stars in Horror movies - she kisses girls in CSI - she's in a film called Evil Bong and she's Miss Wigan Robin Park May 2009

What's not to like?

Oh and if you're still not convinced she drinks beer as well!

Monday, 27 April 2009

Two's Company Wigan v Padiham Padiham v Wigan

Two games to go and it's third placed Padiham at home on Tuesday and then away on Saturday. Seems a bit odd to me but the Robins will be going all out to win both games following excellent results at Darwen and Eccleshall this week.

So firstly a few observations on these games

Long walk from station
No draught beer
Fantastic pie and peas
Won 3-0
Very convincing performance
Including one from Paul Vermiglio - The Beast of Darwen in the 89th minute! It would be cruel to mention that it was going in any way when he hit it and it was amusing to see him (rightly) booked for taking his shirt off. A fine figure of a man... NOT
It was even more amusing to see him trying to get the shirt back on again afterwards. In fact the referee ordered him off the playing area to do so as it was putting off the crowd and players alike
Darwen's stand is pretty great n' all. It's seen better times but it was a proper old thing. All that was missing was the smell of pipe tobacco and you would have been transported back to 1965

Bad accident on M6 on way there - when isn't there one?
Glorious sunny weather
Absolutely top old clubhouse. Their hospitailty was second to none
Lovely cold draught beer
Butties at half time, choice of either chilli or curry with rice afterwards
Won 2-1
Really good game
Daz Mullen without hairband
Might have helped him play better if he had kept it on. Either that or not had a chip butty as his pre-match meal
The Beast of Darwen back in the ressies
Interesting (????!?!?!) night in Bryn when we got back...

And so on to this week's games

Not much to say other than just enjoy them. We are fifth and will now finish there - more on this next week. We can however cock up Padiham's challenge. Whilst I have no gripe with Padiham it is imperative the team finish in good form. Wins in both games will mean 4 wins on the bounce which is what we must aim for

As for Padiham FC: Here's what I posted earlier this year from the Wiganpedia blurb

When the club was formed in 1878 it was among the first football clubs in Lancashire and was well supported, attracting an attendance of 9000 for a match against neighbours Burnley in 1884.[1] At this time Padiham's ground was on the banks of the River Calder, hence the nickname, The Caldersiders.

Padiham was one of the first clubs to support the legalisation of professional football. However, this backfired as they were unable to compete with clubs in larger towns such as Blackburn, and the club folded in 1916. The club lost their ground during World War I and lay dormant until after the end of the Second World War.

Then in 1949 the club was resurrected with the opening of the Arbories Memorial Sports Ground. A crowd of 1,777 turned up to see their opening fixture of the season in the Lancashire Combination Football League.

They became founder members of the North West Counties Football League in 1982 but left the league in 1990. They returned in 2001 after spending £300,000 on upgrading the Arbories Memorial Sports Ground and finished in the top four of the second division in 2003 and 2005.

So all told a pretty good old club. As for the town well it sits on the River Calder and is three miles from Burnley and sits in the shadows of Pendle Hill.

Padiham (H) League, th'athletics stadium Tues 28 April 2009 8.00pm - £3.50 to geet in.

After Saturday's game the Robins presentation do will be at Park Lane Club starting at 7.30pm. There will be an excellent comedian and food with tickets costing £5 each. Please bring as many as possible including wives/girlfriends (but not both) to help with the cost of everything. The bar will be open until late so there are no excuses!

If you need more info or want to purchase tickets please get in contact with any of the following.

John Neafcy 07988 817886
Taffy Roberts 07802 720794
Mickey Birch 07766 408200

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Rampant Rabbits, Fixture pile-ups and Wigan's Easter Bonanza

Our Favourite Easter Bunny

Jessica Rabbit: "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

A veritable football feast to go with the Easter eggs, leg of lamb and Good Friday derbies - that this year is on a Thursday - but hey...

Chadderton away on Saturday
Irlam away on Monday
Daisy Hill away on Wednesday
and Darwen at home on the following Saturday
and Darwen away the following Tuesday...

Oh and if you still want more the reserves are at home to New Mills this coming Tuesday and the NWCL First Division Trophy final between AFC Liverpool and Padiham at Ashton Athletic on Thursday 16 April 2009 .

And Ferguson moans about kicking off early on a Sunday or whatever.

Any road we are down to the bare bones what with injuries, work commitments and weddings! Best of luck to Dougie Pitts and even more luck to his missus this coming Saturday - but getting married in the football season!

Been a tough few weeks due to all above but as ever it's a chance for the young lads to shine, other players to step up a level and a chance for us speccies to get a few more grounds in.

As for the league positions - well with Stone storming along - who knows but it is safe to say there will be many more twists and turns before the season's out and I'm sure we'll have a better idea where we are at in a week or so's time.

Happy Easter and congratulations to Glossop North End for keeeping the Counties flag flying and getting to Wembley in the FA Vase. See you down there...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Stone the crows the Doms are coming to Wigan

While the Robins and the Scousers played out a 1-1 draw Stone Dominoes continued their winning ways with a 2-1 victory over Irlam Town creeping up the table in the bargain.

According to the Dominoes dominated a game in which they had to recover from conceding a goal within the opening minute.

Nial Maguire levelled from the penalty spot after 55 minutes and leading scorer Dan Brown got the winner midway through the second half with his 26th goal of the season.

Stones' leading scorer's more lucrative pastime?

That's five wins on the bounce for the team from Yarnfield.

Which is all well and good apart from they are now just three points behind the Robins and happen to be their opponents this Saturday...

Another massive game and one that the Robins will need to be at their best to prevail.

Midweek's tussle was probably a fair result but you can't help thinking after going ahead it's a pity we couldn't hold on to it. Then again as the AFC goal was offside and we had a couple of chances later... but an excellent night and the 300 supporters present couldn't complain.

Just can't wait for Saturday now. Those that went to Stone early in the season will concur that the set-up down there is absolutely superb with the hospitality and kackbit equal to that. The people at Dominoes have done a wonderful job and should be congratulated on that.

So it's the usual best wishes (rather than points) to Stone and the usual script for the rest of us.

Kick off 3pm
Venue The JN Stadium
Admission £3.50
Pre-match sherberts in The Old Pear Tree

Job's a good un

Oh... this doesn't do the place justice and the sound is all over the place but here's a bit on Stone from youtube

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Look we've just dropped two points at home to AFC Liverpool so we need a little comforting.

And who better than American model Robyn Laughton: this month's Miss Robin Park

Back with football later in the week

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wigan Robins Round-Up

Now where were we before real life and the demise of Jade Goody got in the way?

Ah, that's right: Blackpool at home.

Hmmm not great. In fact not even good as we blew the chance of three points. Fair play to AFC Blackpool as they defended well and grabbed a deflected equaliser. Definitely two points dropped rather than one gained.

Oh and of course due to this being Robin Park there had to be something surreal going on. Sure enough as we pottered over to the Champions Bar for our half-time tipple we were faced with a Cat Show and PDC Darts. Not sure who were the weirdest? The pussy-lovers or darters.

Some of our lot got quite excited as they recognised the Arras big-hitters. Personally I hadn't a clue.

The following Tuesday saw a cracking game at Norton. Well a cracking second-half any way as the team finally found their feet and came from behind to defeat a physical (ie dirty) Norton side by 2-1. Absolutely superb performance against a team that were typical Stoke.

"Your name's not down, you're not coming in"

Also not sure about the ("You all have to pay") rant directed at us by some Norton fella when all we were doing is walking to the turnstiles! Not the greatest way to be greeted after we'd spent a few quid in their club but hey... it made the victory all the more special.

Well done to Dougie Pitts who went from the pits - with his terrible crossfield pass for their goal - to hero with the equaliser. He was still moaning, mind. And of course a blinder of a winner from Adi Whittle.

Oh and they even had a little firm that had a mooch, saw how big and ugly the Robins fans were and went their way. As I said - typical Stoke

It was then on to Cheadle. A day that started in bright sunshine and ended freezing cold. Both literally and metaphorically. We were awful and Cheadle thoroughly deserved to win. We had a nice drink in Cheadle that made up for it and that was about it...

This weekend we have no game due to the international weekend. With Andy Neafcy representing Germany (Becks), Ryan Small Ireland (Guinness) and Chipper Martin Jamaica (Bacardi Breezer)the game's been called off. Or summat like that...

During ths week Bootle stuffed Norton 4-0, AFC Liverpool beat Eccleshall with an 88th minute penalty (the Kop end obviously) while Padiham were held to a 1-1 draw at Ashton Town.

A WRP scouting party saw this game - I just ate the pies - and saw a really good game in atrocious conditions. Padiham could have been three up early on and could have lost late on. It's all getting a little bit tense...

Next up is AFC Liverpool on Tuesday 31 March ko 8pm at the newly-named JN (John Neafcy) Stadium

Full preview at the weekend

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wigan Robins, Tangerine Dream and Blackpool rocks

Back in early October the Robins went to Blackpool. It was freezing, hammering down and blowing a gale. Typical Blackpool weather, in fact...

That day Danny "I'll walk a million miles for one of your goals" Worthington got a cracker and then the Robins defended like mad. Sterling effort, kept 'em out and then it all ended in a punch-up on the touchline involving players, subs, officials and spectators. The ref booked a couple, everybody shook hands and went to their excellent club for a pint. Proper day's football in fact - how it should be - and AFC (nee Mechanics) Blackpool is a decent gaff.

Like Blackpool itself - a decent gaff.

I worked there for five years or so and loved it. Bang in the town centre. Used to go for a potter and just take it all in. In summer you'd get the local loons, tourists, daytrippers and hen parties. in winter you'd just get the local loons!

It was great. Sat on the front having your lunch watching the waves come in. Yeah, I like Blackpool and I have to say the people I met from there are great. Well you'd have to be to put up with all that. There are some right dodgy people there. But dodgy in the right way. Think David Morrissey's Ripley Holden in BBC's great Blackpool. As for the women well think Sarah Parish in BBC's great Blackpool.

Yeah I like Blackpool.

It's Blackpool folk coming to Wigan this weekend rather than - the traditional jolly of Wiganers going the other way as the Mechanics lot try to derail the Robins promotion push.

Last time out Oldham Town thoroughly deserved their win and WRP will be looking to bounce back from that defeat. I'm not sure what the injury situation is but hopefully a few will be back.

They were poor last time out. The players know that and will be determined to put it right. All in all it's shaping up to be a decent old game

Blackpool's last five results

14th Feb Norton United Home 1-2 Lost (Div One Trophy)
21st Feb Daisy Hill Home 3-0 Won
24th Feb Padiham Home 2-2 Drew
28th Feb Cheadle Town Home 0-2 Lost
7th March Eccleshall Away 1-2 Lost

Meanwhile enjoy...

Action photos from AFC Blackpool official site - cheers

Sarah Parish from BBC