Monday, 31 August 2009

Wigan go to Barlick and back and come back with nowt

Apologies for the lack of updates but real life... and laziness has got in the way. So what's happened since the last time?

Well we put seven past Rochdale, signed Steve Williams from Burscough which now means we can sing:

"There's only three Williams brothers (and their dad)
There's only three Williams brothers (and their dad)
They used to be Scouse but now they're all ours
Walking in a Williams wonderland."

To the tune of Winter Wonderland.

Three brothers in a team, eh. The last time this happened - I am led to believe by Vinnie - is when the Neafcy brothers played together. this was a long time ago and I don't think they were as good as the Williams boys but... They tell me Vinnie was like shit off a shovel which begs the question: "Why is his Andy so bloody slow?"

Other than that we crashed out of the Wigan Cup to Golborne Sports. A disastrous night that saw the author pick up another Robins-related injury. This time a bloody insect bite that put me on death's door the next day. Well death's door might be exaggerating a bit but it knocked me for six for a day or so.

Total injuries 2009/10 so far
Banged head - Leek
Wasp sting - Holker
Burned top lip (off a pie) - Rochdale
Insect bite - Golborne

I'd be safer in the centre of defence...

On Saturday we travelled to the East Lancashire/Yorkshire borders where we lost by two goals to nil against Barnoldswick Town. Nice little gaff, some backward fans (as is often the case that way) and four seasons in one day. Oh and we battered 'em. Hit the woodwork four times, gifted them two goals - the only shots they had - and somehow got nothing from the game... Good game all told and we'll bounce back...

In a nutshell:

Can't believe we didn't get anything from it. one way traffic for the last hour

MOM (as voted by their team/officials) McNally

Actual Robins MOMs (as voted by a the Robin Bastards) Chipper Martin - bar his usual dodgy first twenty minutes

Ref - Utterly awful. Booking the wrong player, letting players wander on and off pitch etc etc

Liners - The fat 'un weren't bad but the one on our side. How hard is it to get an offside decision correct

Pitch - Green and sloping

Barnoldswick folk - some decent people but that little mob with their racist chants and the rest. It's 2009 for fuck's sake...

Pie Chart - Nice sausage rolls, coffee in mugs, pie and peas in proper crockery - excellent stuff

Piemaid - Lovely young blonde girl. Very pleasant in all aspects

After match grub - Hotdogs and ham butties in the Bath Springs

Beer - Bad Carling lager - not good, not good at all...

Programme - very good

Played 4 Won 2 Drawn 1 Lost 1 Points 7 Position 6th

Ramsbottom preview - later in the week

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