Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wigan hit the bar and the Old Boys for two...

After a long wet summer competitive football returned to the stadio de robin park with the first home league game against Holker Old Boys.

Rain, rain and more rain might have made it difficult but two goals in the first half made for a comfortable victory. First up was a Chris McNally penalty before a well-taken Ryan Small on the stroke of half-time killed off the opponents and the game in general.

Holker huffed and puffed and despite their two lads up front looking lively The Robins were never in danger.

Andy Neafcy - who is currently challenging Small for the "best midfielder in Wigan" crown was outstanding whilst the defence were marshalled superbly by Chris Williams and James "Dixie" Deane. What made this even more remarkable is that Deane was playing after his near-fatal head injury on Saturday. Doctors examining him after the game at Leek however claimed that his injury was nothing more than a "bump" compared to the author of this piece's head injury. Sustained by banging his head on the duggout retrieving a wayward pass - that could have been from Dixie!!!

While the team looked sluggish at times it was good to see a second clean sheet, the Small v Macca league goalscoring contest sitting at 1-1 and the team sitting in second place in the table. Not that tables should be looked at after just two games but ....

All that said it wasn't the football on the pitch that was the main talking point in the stand as after a year the bar at the Arena was at last open. Added a whole different atmosphere to the place. All we need now is a decent telly for the results and the place might start to resemble a football club/clubhouse.

Meanwhile here are a few things we noticed at the match.

The programmes and badges went like hot cakes - however hot cakes go.

Paul Vermiglio is better at banter from the stands than football on the pitch

MOM: (as voted for by "them men") McNally

MOM: (as voted for by the Wigan Robin Bastards) Neafcy

Their MOM: (as voted for by the Wigan Robin Bastards) Their keeper: we hadn't noticed anybody and somebody said: "keeper" and that was it

Lager: Fosters alright John Smiths decent

Barmaid: A fella but his two willing assistants were pretty if somewhat young (edited by site: TOO young)

Pie Chart: According to Ned Goon: "These pies are alreet!"

After-match refreshments: decent butties

Roll on Saturday...

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