Thursday, 26 March 2009

Wigan Robins Round-Up

Now where were we before real life and the demise of Jade Goody got in the way?

Ah, that's right: Blackpool at home.

Hmmm not great. In fact not even good as we blew the chance of three points. Fair play to AFC Blackpool as they defended well and grabbed a deflected equaliser. Definitely two points dropped rather than one gained.

Oh and of course due to this being Robin Park there had to be something surreal going on. Sure enough as we pottered over to the Champions Bar for our half-time tipple we were faced with a Cat Show and PDC Darts. Not sure who were the weirdest? The pussy-lovers or darters.

Some of our lot got quite excited as they recognised the Arras big-hitters. Personally I hadn't a clue.

The following Tuesday saw a cracking game at Norton. Well a cracking second-half any way as the team finally found their feet and came from behind to defeat a physical (ie dirty) Norton side by 2-1. Absolutely superb performance against a team that were typical Stoke.

"Your name's not down, you're not coming in"

Also not sure about the ("You all have to pay") rant directed at us by some Norton fella when all we were doing is walking to the turnstiles! Not the greatest way to be greeted after we'd spent a few quid in their club but hey... it made the victory all the more special.

Well done to Dougie Pitts who went from the pits - with his terrible crossfield pass for their goal - to hero with the equaliser. He was still moaning, mind. And of course a blinder of a winner from Adi Whittle.

Oh and they even had a little firm that had a mooch, saw how big and ugly the Robins fans were and went their way. As I said - typical Stoke

It was then on to Cheadle. A day that started in bright sunshine and ended freezing cold. Both literally and metaphorically. We were awful and Cheadle thoroughly deserved to win. We had a nice drink in Cheadle that made up for it and that was about it...

This weekend we have no game due to the international weekend. With Andy Neafcy representing Germany (Becks), Ryan Small Ireland (Guinness) and Chipper Martin Jamaica (Bacardi Breezer)the game's been called off. Or summat like that...

During ths week Bootle stuffed Norton 4-0, AFC Liverpool beat Eccleshall with an 88th minute penalty (the Kop end obviously) while Padiham were held to a 1-1 draw at Ashton Town.

A WRP scouting party saw this game - I just ate the pies - and saw a really good game in atrocious conditions. Padiham could have been three up early on and could have lost late on. It's all getting a little bit tense...

Next up is AFC Liverpool on Tuesday 31 March ko 8pm at the newly-named JN (John Neafcy) Stadium

Full preview at the weekend

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Wigan Robins, Tangerine Dream and Blackpool rocks

Back in early October the Robins went to Blackpool. It was freezing, hammering down and blowing a gale. Typical Blackpool weather, in fact...

That day Danny "I'll walk a million miles for one of your goals" Worthington got a cracker and then the Robins defended like mad. Sterling effort, kept 'em out and then it all ended in a punch-up on the touchline involving players, subs, officials and spectators. The ref booked a couple, everybody shook hands and went to their excellent club for a pint. Proper day's football in fact - how it should be - and AFC (nee Mechanics) Blackpool is a decent gaff.

Like Blackpool itself - a decent gaff.

I worked there for five years or so and loved it. Bang in the town centre. Used to go for a potter and just take it all in. In summer you'd get the local loons, tourists, daytrippers and hen parties. in winter you'd just get the local loons!

It was great. Sat on the front having your lunch watching the waves come in. Yeah, I like Blackpool and I have to say the people I met from there are great. Well you'd have to be to put up with all that. There are some right dodgy people there. But dodgy in the right way. Think David Morrissey's Ripley Holden in BBC's great Blackpool. As for the women well think Sarah Parish in BBC's great Blackpool.

Yeah I like Blackpool.

It's Blackpool folk coming to Wigan this weekend rather than - the traditional jolly of Wiganers going the other way as the Mechanics lot try to derail the Robins promotion push.

Last time out Oldham Town thoroughly deserved their win and WRP will be looking to bounce back from that defeat. I'm not sure what the injury situation is but hopefully a few will be back.

They were poor last time out. The players know that and will be determined to put it right. All in all it's shaping up to be a decent old game

Blackpool's last five results

14th Feb Norton United Home 1-2 Lost (Div One Trophy)
21st Feb Daisy Hill Home 3-0 Won
24th Feb Padiham Home 2-2 Drew
28th Feb Cheadle Town Home 0-2 Lost
7th March Eccleshall Away 1-2 Lost

Meanwhile enjoy...

Action photos from AFC Blackpool official site - cheers

Sarah Parish from BBC


Robin Bain - Actress

No - not heard of her either but.... Whoar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!