Thursday, 2 April 2009

Stone the crows the Doms are coming to Wigan

While the Robins and the Scousers played out a 1-1 draw Stone Dominoes continued their winning ways with a 2-1 victory over Irlam Town creeping up the table in the bargain.

According to the Dominoes dominated a game in which they had to recover from conceding a goal within the opening minute.

Nial Maguire levelled from the penalty spot after 55 minutes and leading scorer Dan Brown got the winner midway through the second half with his 26th goal of the season.

Stones' leading scorer's more lucrative pastime?

That's five wins on the bounce for the team from Yarnfield.

Which is all well and good apart from they are now just three points behind the Robins and happen to be their opponents this Saturday...

Another massive game and one that the Robins will need to be at their best to prevail.

Midweek's tussle was probably a fair result but you can't help thinking after going ahead it's a pity we couldn't hold on to it. Then again as the AFC goal was offside and we had a couple of chances later... but an excellent night and the 300 supporters present couldn't complain.

Just can't wait for Saturday now. Those that went to Stone early in the season will concur that the set-up down there is absolutely superb with the hospitality and kackbit equal to that. The people at Dominoes have done a wonderful job and should be congratulated on that.

So it's the usual best wishes (rather than points) to Stone and the usual script for the rest of us.

Kick off 3pm
Venue The JN Stadium
Admission £3.50
Pre-match sherberts in The Old Pear Tree

Job's a good un

Oh... this doesn't do the place justice and the sound is all over the place but here's a bit on Stone from youtube


Anonymous said...

Can't agree more with your comments re the setup at Stone Doms; absolutely effing superb.

Should be a good match, that; they're a useful side at the moment, Stone.

You'd be doing us a massive favour if you beat them! :-)

Vaughanie said...


Great place and superb pitches. Benchmark for anybody looking for a new ground/improving ground

ps we'll do our best

pps few of us are going to Vodkat 1st Div cup final at Ashton Athletic. If AFC beat "that other team" we'll be meeting some AFC lads up there for a pre match tipple and scoff. If you fancy it get along