Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wigan Robins back on that windy track...

Wigan Robin Park 3 Chadderton 0

After the defeat to Skem United (Sorry Atherton Colls) and Holker Old Boys in the Lancashire Shield it was good to see the Mighty Robins get back to winning ways with a great 3-0 victory over Chadderton at a windswept Robin Park Arena.

So windswept that the duggouts were threatening to take off. This led to the Arena manager declaring that they couldn't be used that led to the Chaddy management team having a right moan. Not quite sure what could be done. Play the game one tales off and blows across the pitch and injures (or worse) a player, official or spectator!?!?

Makes me laugh sometimes when officials have a go about a variety of things at the Arena. We know it's not perfect that's why everybody at the club is trying their hardest to make the place a proper home.

And I'll give you:

Great view
Great pies, coffee and everything else
Half-time and full-time hospitality second to none
A bloody good programme
Teamsheet if required
Along with Stone - the best pitch in the league
Excellent training rooms
A 1200-capacity-stand with decent seats all away from the elements
An argument with the locals...

I could go on but to moan about the duggouts in a gale-force wind seems a bit petty. Not as though they play at the Emirates themselves is it.

Anyroad... Goals from Ryan Small and Chris McNally either side of half-time put The Robins in control before Steve Williams wrapped up the points in the 85th-minute with a quality goal.

Williams' goal rounded off a great day for The Robins and for his own father Bill who saw his three sons Steve, Chris and Danny line up together for Robin Park for the first time. Bill celebrated by having a row with a Chadderton fan!!

Dead pleased for Danny as he pulled off a string of fine saves with the game at nil-nil. Giving that he'd conceded (through no fault of his own) 103 goals in the last couple of reserve games he must have been a bit nervous but played superbly.

In fact at nil-nilyou could see the game going either way but a much more spirited performance from the lads saw good goals from Millie Small and Macca - well Macca's was a tap-in but - and a stunning individual goal from Steve Williams. This - along with his overall performance also netted him the MOM.

Other highlights: Well Chris McNally's 40-yarder that came back from the underside bar was a marvellous sight. Macca claimed the ball was two yards over the line while the liner was adamant after the game that it didn't cross the line. It looked closed (not two yards over, mind) from where I was sat. As for the rest of the game it was just good to see us win after three losses on the bounce and win in some style in terrible conditions. Also good to see Paul McVeigh get almost ninety minutes in as he led the line well, giving Small, Steve Williams and McNally the freedom to roam a bit.

The beer tasted better than recently after the game and you can't say more than that.

Next up is Stone Dominoes in the Vodkat Challenge Cup. Can't wait and hopefully we can avenge the recent league defeat. get those oatcakes ready

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Anonymous said...

Thought you'd have had no problem beating Skelm utd sorry Atherton Colls as you had already beaten them earlier and that was a full team not just 3 players, you certainly didnt make excuses then............