Thursday, 22 October 2009

Free Fanzine with the Wigan Robins v AFC Liverpool programme this Saturday

Saturday's game against AFC Liverpool will see the launch of the Wigan Robin Park FC fanzine.

Entitled Fields of Flowers it will be free with the matchday programme.

The 16-page A6 pocket size fanzine features:

yer wot by mike duff
October Vodkat observations
Alfie Conn
Are the Robins the roughest team in the world
DJ John Leech's October playlist
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery (remake)
Some of the things we miss at football
Ten years after
An A-Z of Wigan bands
Mild & Bitter were the Days
David Bowie and some other bits and bobs

It's a small supplement that I hope to produce for most home matches.

While it's a bit of fun and talks about all sorts of stuff happening at The Robins, in Wigan and elsewhere the idea is to help raise the profile of the club in the area and within non-league circles.

Also we have all worked very hard in producing an excellent programme this season and if by including a DIY-style fanzine supplement with it we can shift a few more copies - as well as entertain our fans further - then we'll be happy.

As we all know every penny counts at this level... So £1.50 for a great programme and fanzine sounds alright by me.

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Dave said...

You should have had alot more of these printed. Programme and fanzine were a fine read.