Tuesday, 26 August 2008

"Zigger Zagger, Zigger Zagger Robin Park"

Oatcakes with cheese and bacon

In a game that had everything including strange-looking food known as oatcakes, a lobby-gobbler as a linesman and the first time that "You've got AIDS off BIll Kenyon" has been heard on the terracing in years; Wigan Robin Park came away with a 2-2 draw.

The Robins had to come from behind twice but were by far the better team throughout the ninety minutes. Stone's first came from the defence losing their shape for the only time in the game and allowing Dan "De Vinci Code" Brown to get his first on 25-minutes. It took just ten minutes for Ryan "He gets the ball and plays football" Small to glide in and put a cracking header into the net. 1-1 at half-time. Second half and they get a penalty completely against the run of play - and it looked a penalty from 60-yards away so we can't really complain giving the De Vinci boy his second. Then all the pressure. Their keeper Dick Stone - they had a pair of Stones on their books - pulled off a series of cracking saves before a good move was converting by Andy Neafcy from the edge of the box. The final six minutes was all Wigan but the third didn't come.

Well that's just about what happened on the pitche and as the saying goes:

"Anyone who knows anything about football knows that football is not about football. Anyone who does not know that knows nothing about football."

So here's a few highlights of what was a cracking day out:

Minibus on time, Tony L not - so nothing new there. Horrendous traffic on the motorway due to Creamfields or something. And down to a pub called Labour in Vain and another minibus parked outside. Here we go who the bloody hell is this? Villa, Stoke, a hen party? Sadly none of 'em as we settled down to Guinness Red, Black Sheep and Bombardier. The walk to the ground was literally down a country lane and then into the Stone Dominoes complex. And what a great set-up. Another two games going on, A nice smattering of WAGS, a very fine clubhouse that resembled a cricket pavilion. The Dominoes and the incredible playing surface. The sun shone as the Robin bastards gathered along the terraced side. Noisy as ever. daft as ever. Golly baiting the Lobby-Gobbling linesman. Giving Olde Bastard some good-natured stick whilst quietly admitting he had a bloody good game. Wrights meat and potato pies as peppery as owt. The ref was decent - their keeper was a good old get and took the stick well.

And then oatcakes with cheese and bacon and more pie. And cans of beer and smoking on the terracing. "Feed the bear and he will score", "Zigger Zagger, Zigger Zagger Robin Park" and Pilps giving us a solo version of Red, Red Robin goes bob, bob bobbin' along".

So close to a winner and then back into the club for some more beers, more jackbit, craic with the team and officials and back home up the motorway stopping for a piss-stop in the pissing rain and then charging into The Anvil back in Wigan singing to the bemusement of the punters.

A great trip for the Wigan Robin Bastards first away and special thanks to all onboard this groovy train. Finally thanks to the players of both teams and the match officials. A real tough, whole-hearted game that saw some full-bloodied tackles yet no dissent (apart from their keeper obv) and no yellow or red cards. Oh and thanks to the Stone lot for their hospitality...

The Robins players all performed superbly but Dean Callaway just about shaded the man of the match award. He ran the channels superbly, gave the team great width and stretched the Dominoes defence all over the place.

Great stuff - next two home games against Eccleshall and (the derby against) Ashton Bads and then AFC Liverpool away. Can't wait

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