Friday, 29 August 2008

It's the Wigan WN5 Show this weekend

According to some internet site “Eccleshall lies in the gentle unfolding Sow Valley, in one of the most picturesque parts of Staffordshire.” Bloody hell – they’ll be in for a shock when they get lost in Worsley Hall and ask for directions in The Monty.

Then again it’s the Eccleshall Show this Saturday so I’m not sure how many of Eccleshall’s spectators will make it to th’athletics Stadium for the Vodkat League game against the Robins. I mean you can see the Wall of Death at the show – then again you could see this if you walk past the Marsh Green Bottom Shops. Not sure if there is an equestrian show in “the Bonk” this weekend. There will however undoubtedly be a dog show in a field somewhere!

Marsh Green's Top Dog

And as for horticultural matters I’d suggest Wigan WN5 is a hotbed of plants – of a certain kind!

As it is Eccleshall FC lie 13th in the league after a win and two defeats . After beating Rochdale Town 3-2 on the opening day of the season they have suffered narrow defeats against Leek CSOB and Daisy Hill; going down by the odd goal on each occasion. Early season form suggests the game will be tight and there’s no reason to doubt this.

The unfortunately named Reverend K Hunt - an early stalwart for Eccleshall FC. According to Eccleshall's site: "Kenneth Hunt was a magnificent defensive wing-half with muscle, skill and speed who performed without any sort of fear whatsoever."

The Robins will still be kicking themselves after failing to pick up all three points in a game they dominated at – the team that plays down the road from Eccleshall – Stone Dominoes and will be hoping that they can convert the possession into goals this week.

I’m predicting the first Robins clean sheet of the season and a decent 2-0 victory.

With a good number of the Robins fans taking in Latics' game at Hull – what with it being a new ground and all that – it might be a quieter ground than last week. But rest assured that “the noise” will be back next Tuesday when the Ashton Bads roll into town…

Meanwhile get that Robin’s Nest open and let’s get stuck into those bacon barms

“Zigger Zagger, Zigger Zagger Robin Park”

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