Monday, 18 August 2008

Wigan are up and running in a red and white-hooped stylee

The rain stayed away, the wind roared, the kick off was delayed for the Sky cameras - well maybe not - and Wigan Robin Park picked up their first three points of the season.

Sixty Six minutes - it took to equalise against a dogged Irlam side but from then on the result was never in doubt as the Robins produced some neat football playing into the Asda Twister.

In truth WRP were the best team throughout the game as they sought to get the ball on the deck and wide at every opportunity. It was out wide that Dean Calloway caused major problems and it was his cross that was converted by Adam Whittle. A fine finish with the right foot from close range. (nb that last bit was copied and pasted from the official site as I was in the bog at the time and just heard the roar from the Robin Bastards and Taffy "Mr Showbiz" Roberts announcement of the goal scorer - eventually!)

The big lad came on and just as Ned Sharples said to me: "They'll never handle this lad" he rounded off a great move to put us ahead. It was Ryan Edwards again that made the game safe with a great header on 81 minutes.

By now the Irlam Golly (sat in the stands) - and he was Golly to a tee - was ranting and raving at nobody in particular. The game was over for them as Wigan saw the remaining ten minutes out

A fine win and it's good to see the Robins on the march.

In fact what more can you want: Great football, Robin's Nest tea bar open, nice little programme, a linesman with specs on, the new kit not running and looking very, very good and a few beers in the Red Robin afterwards.

Yes, the Red Robin. How deceptive can a pub be? Outside it's all families welcome and wacky warehouses whilst inside the whole clientele is mad. I'd been in the previous night and it was crazy. There was a gang of mixed race girls in - half Norley Hall, half Marsh Green - and they were gloriously drunk and gloriously good-looking. Unfortunately at tea time on Saturday there were a gang of fat girls discussing their sexual preferences, three Robin Bastards and the Wigan Robin Park players and management.

The Bastards made their excuses and left as the heavens opened.

Next week sees the inaugural away trip for the Wigan Robin Bastards- it should be fun!


The Sandman said...

Andy, your blog has given me the inspiration to ditch the glamour (in it's original meaning) of the Premier League for at least a few weeks this season to take in some games at WRP.

However, I am concerned about the kit. Red and white hoops? Surely not? What are they thinking? Not as I'm a bigot, I just want Wigan Eggbots and their sad fans burned at the stake.


Anyway, I stumbled upon your blog at Latic's NewsNow portal, and it's much better written (and spelled) than 99% of the drivel that is on there.

Keep bobbin along.


Joe Hawkins said...

Cheers for the comments, Sandman

The kit actually looks very good. It hurts to say that but I was pleasantly surprised. The back of shirt is plain red, with a clear number - unlike Latics Blue & White shirt that had a black number on it in friendly games that you simply couldn't read. Black shorts and socks.