Thursday, 9 October 2008

Wigan Robins welcome the ton-up boys

If it’s Saturday and it’s 3pm then it must time for the Robins. And this Saturday the Norton girl’s in town. Well… if not the Norton girl then at least Norton United.

Based in Smallthorne in Stoke on Trent Norton United were formed in 1989 after a bloke from Norton Cricket Club wanted summat to do in the winter. They were promoted to the NWCL in 2001 they have continued their development and now run sides at Under 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 10’s. On top of this they’ve developed a very tidy ground, what looks like a fine clubhouse and a second pitch for the junior teams. You also have to walk along the side of the cricket pitch to get to the ground so the members of Mudhutters CC might get a bit of practice in (not that we need it) when we go to the return match – in January!

For now however the rev-up boys will be visiting th’athletics track with a record of played six, won three, drawn one and lost two so it should be a close game – especially as they have only conceded eight goals.

Last week their game at Holker was called-off due to a waterlogged pitch and by all accounts weren’t too pleased about it as they only found out when they got there. Personally I’d have just gone the bar and had a Warsteiner (or ten).

They also have a player called Rutter – which is always good for a laugh but those that laugh last and all that ought to be aware that he was the VODKAT LEAGUE First Division player of the month for September scoring in all five games.

The Robins come into the game after the hard-fought game up in the middle of the Irish Sea last week. There is a full report on the official website that details the game and sums it up perfectly.

Suffice to say it was sterling effort from all the players. It was hard enough watching in those conditions never mind playing in it and the clean sheet was well deserved.

It is also worth noting that AFC Blackpool had a great little ground. Cover at both ends, seats down each side, fantastic hot chocolate, decent pies and a fine clubhouse. We got off pretty sharpish after the game just having the one and I’m not sure how long the players stayed as it had all kicked off in the tenth minute of injury time!

And congratulations to John Neafcy who celebrated being a granddad for the second time by effing and blinding at the linesman and referee in his normal way.

Altogether now:

“I've been sitting here all day thinking
Same old dream ten years away thinking
Now my days are gone, memories linger on
Thoughts of when I was boy
Penny farthings on the street riding
Motorcars were funny things, frightening
Bow and hoops and spinning tops
Penny Dreadfuls, lollipops
Comic cuts, all different things

Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad grandad

Aeroplanes tied up with string flying
Telephones and talking things sighing
A radio and phonograph, Charlie Chaplin made us laugh
Silently falling about
Familiar things I keep around, near me
Memories of my younger days, clearly
Come into my mind
Everyday I find, thoughts of when I was boy

Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad, grandad you're lovely
That's what we all think of you
Grandad, Grandad…”

Photos of Norton's ground from the excellent website

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