Friday, 3 October 2008

Barrow, Blackpool, Bootle and the Mighty Wigan Robin Park

Watch the Warsteiner!

The Old Boys made it to Holker and Chorley Matt notes:

1. Beer can go an awful long way when opened on a train

a. Bombardier is not pronounced how I thought it was
b. Vaughanie already knew this
c. A woman in Stoke also knew this

3. An inanimate Emlyn Hughes is easy to tackle if you "get yer head on it"

4. I'm shit at darts (unless we're sat down)

5. The Robin Bastards can empty a pub by ordering a taxi

6. The MIGHTY Robin Park travel well

7. You don't have to be a WAG to travel on the team bus

8. Beer gets me drunk

9. More beer gets me more drunk

10. Falling asleep on the bog gets you in trouble with the missus

11. Mrs CM discovered last night that she no longer has a bottle opener but opened a christmas cracker to get another one(!)

Donuts decided that

12. Donuts now has two bottle openers and a bottle of Punk IPA

13. Vaughanie loses all short term memory after a few beers (9 times he asked me where we were)

14. The Bath Springs (Bryn) serves a nice pint
15. The Bath Springs serves a nice basic buffet (hot dogs, cheese and onion butties, pizza)

16. £1.20 for Pie, Peas, Gravy with beetroot and onions is a good reason to spend £20 on a train ticket.

17. Vaughanie is Ryan Small's dad

18. Warsteiner should be served in all clubhouses (sod the plastic thwaites)

19. Vaughanie can't sing

20. Ben Kay is shit at taking penalties

"Come on Ben. Come on. Back of the net. Come on. 2-0"

As for me well: Never ever let me near that Warsteiner again!!!!

Oh we won 6-1 and you can check out all the details including description of all goals including Danny Worthington's hat-trick on the official site. For a fan's eye view collar, Bagg, Pilps or Rob in the pub as they went in the car and can undoubtedly remember more!

This Saturday the Robins make another trip to the edge of the Irish Sea with a rearranged match with AFC (nee Mechanics) Blackpool. Originally a midweek game in November the Saturday fixture comes as a relief but the fact that Latics are at home will be a bummer for those that like to do both.

Anyhow the team will be focused enough and will be looking for a win against the team that went down 6-3 at home to AFC Liverpool last weekend. Their full results - so far - are won one, drawn one and lost four so WRP will be looking for three points before the return game with Bootle next Tuesday.

Full report on both games next week - if I stop off the ale!!


Wigan Athletic Forever said...

Latics have fought for years to get where they are in the face of competition from local clubs, and now you're promoting more competition by watching this rubbish and clogging up the internet with pointless (and sexist) crud.

Are you Maurice lindsay?

Joe Hawkins said...

Mr Wigan Athletic Forever.

Latics and Latics fans fearing a small non-league outfit? - Deary, deary me.

Is it rubbish? It might be. Who's to judge? I've seen enough rubbish in 40+ years watching Wigan Athletic so a bit more doesn't bother me if that is the case.

As for the pointless (and sexist????) crud - I've made a career out of it.

"I'm Maurice Lindsay. No I'm Maurice Lindsay"