Friday, 31 October 2008

Wigan, cow heads and Beyonce's beautiful sister

The Keawyeds from Keawyed City are coming. According to Wiganpedia there are two local stories how this name came about. In one it says that in 1815 a celebration was held to mark the end of the Napoleonic Wars an ox's head was roasted, which was mounted on a pole and was fought over by two opposing factions in the town. The victors were dubbed "Keaw-Yeds". The other story tells that a farmer in Westhoughton found his cow had got its head stuck in a five barred gate (or fence), and rather than cut the gate, the farmer cut the cow's head off, since the cow cost less than the gate.

It is quite obvious that the second story is the true one as they are one set of thick buggers over there. It has been said that a Keawyed girl’s one ambition in life is to marry a bloke from Leigh.

Any road their football team Daisy Hill are the Robins opponents on Saturday and hopefully Ben Kay will be parading around the Red Robin with a cow’s yed on a stick after 90 minutes.

Fresh from last week’s easy victory (and cracking day out for the fans) at Cassy Gabs everybody will be looking for more of the same. In a game that could have seen the Robins get six or seven goals they had to settle for just the three with Ryan Small, the excellent Andrew Miller and Danny Worthington hitting the back of the net. As for the day well.. A right proper old school day out it was. Trains that were cancelled at Manchester as the guard was still pissed from the night before (er probably), dark, cold, rain, John Willie Lees beers, a really (really, really) dodgy boozer with the bitterest of bitter blues in there but as welcoming as pubs go. Oh and Solange’s Sandcastle Disco rocking the telly to bits. And then we get the directions and get lost - as did the lads that came by car – and the “five-minute walk” becomes twenty and we have to have another pint and get a taxi!! And the taxi turns up a minute after we order it so we deck a pint in two minutes. Then we go into their magnificent club for Guinness and jackbit. And it looks like St Pats Rugby Club as there are so many meatheads in there.

What a great place and a really good old ground and a grand day out. Needless to say we grab lifts back and end up in the Bath Springs before I’m some how in the back of Daz Mullen’s fancy car. How I got in and out of the back seat I’ve no idea!

The Club Captain's car

Well it was still pissing down as I made my way home – more of the same this week I guess.

The Daisies have 11 points from eight games and have let in 21 goals. With us leaking a similar amount this could be WRP’s first 6-5 victory. Let’s hope it’s more 4-0 but hey we’ll take anything. A pint of beer would be nice but the early week rumours haven’t materialised and it looks like F&B’s will be getting some of our lot’s money while the rest of us will do with a Mars Bar and a cup of coffee. Well if it was good enough for Marianne Faithfull…

Rochdale Town pics courtesy Pilps
Other pics nicked from internet

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