Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Wigan calm Hurricane Maurice and hit the bads for six

Ashton's firm arrive at the th'athletics stadium

It started off as Hurricane Maurice – all puff and blow - and ended up as Hurricane Father Jack Whelan – overpowering, wet and nasty. Somewhere amongst this a game of football was played and Wigan Robin Park fair battered the Bads from Ashton Town.

The final score was 6-1 with a hat trick from Ryan Edwards, two from Ryan Small and one from Adam Whittle. It could have been a hat trick for Small but as the song doesn’t go – “he got the ball and played (the) football” - wide of the post from the penalty spot!

Although the scoreline doesn’t suggest it, Ashton Town weren’t too bad and took the game to the Robins with the 2-0 half time score slightly flattering the home side. However after the break as the monsoon turned into a hurricane WRP took total control and were soon 4-0 up. It would have been five but for Small’s penalty miss as Ashton went straight to the other end to make it 4-1. This was a mere blip as Ryan Edwards got two more finishing neatly – one from the rebound from another missed penalty- and there can be no gripes. It was an excellent performance from the lads in the most appalling September conditions imaginable. The superb pitch held up – if the game had been played at Vizwear Towers fifty yards away it would undoubtedly be called off – and the decent crowd were treated to some good football. Credit must go to both sets of players as to produce anything resembling football on a night like this takes no little skill nor courage – as the ripping tackles confirmed.

As is the norm down at the Stadio de Robin Park kick offs were delayed and the match actually finished halfway through News at Ten. Our Lobby Gobbling mate was the linesman again and he didn’t do too badly. That’s not too badly compared to the other mon who got almost everything wrong. But hey… he probably couldn’t see the other side of the pitch – we couldn’t.

Robin’s Nest refreshed us; plans were made for the ordinary to Prescot on Saturday. We didn’t spot Kevin Keegan although we swore we saw somebody with a tea cloth on his or her head. In fact that could have been somebody with a tea cloth over his or her bowl of chips as it was raining that hard who knows. Oh and the Robins now have eight points from five games and a healthy goal difference as they go into the next two away games.

It’s shaping up not too badly

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