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"Well sometimes I go out, by myself, and I look across the water": Wigan Robin Park v AFC Liverpool

“While for some people, sick and tired of being fleeced ruthlessly by the multinational conglomerates that many 'big' and even medium-sized clubs have become, following AFC will be an alternative to 'big-time' football, there is absolutely no reason why it cannot also be there as a complement for those unable to wean themselves off the grease paint and adrenaline of the all-singing, all-dancing Premier League.

It may well be that this kind of football experience may not be everybody's cup of tea, particularly those who happen to enjoy waving to the camera when it's on them at the match, music being played over the tannoy after goals and shiny stadiums with plastic seats and loads of leg-room.

However if you like having a pint and a delicious 50p hot-dog while you're watching the game along with a laugh and a sing-song while cheering on normal fellas (who aren't enslaved by big, evil clubs who pay them lots of horrible money) who'll be trying to win without trying to cheat or maim each other, then you might just find it's right up your street.”

Dan Kay Liverpool Echo 17 July 2008

Although the writer is talking about AFC Liverpool the above is pretty much spot-on when describing our thoughts about Wigan Robin Park FC. We can echo that word for word and it is pretty much the ethos of the Wigan Robin Bastards.

Amongst our ranks we have always said is both an alternative and a complement. It will therefore almost be as interesting to see in the flesh what is happening at AFC Liverpool, as it will be watching the actual football match.

The lads involved in Wigan Athletic’s fanzine Mudhutter Football Express have – over the years – forged a bond with the lads and lasses over at FC United of Manchester Football Club so it will be interesting to see the differences and similarities from afar and of course from a neutral basis. Whereas FCUM was formed out of a protest movement the formation of AFC Liverpool has the backing of Liverpool FC. As I say it will be interesting and as is the case of the two cities there will inevitably be many differences and – as the residents of both hate to admit – even more similarities.

The magnificent Philharmonic Pub where the idea of AFC Liverpool was first formulated

That however is all for discussion at a later date and the reason we will be at “Oh why don’t you come on over” Valerie Park on Saturday is to watch the Robins attempt to end AFC’s 100% record of played four won four.

Indications are that it should be a decent game with both teams capable of scoring goals. It will be interesting to see how the Robins cope with the notoriously bumpy VP pitch after games on the Stadio de Robin Park’s excellent surface and Stone’s even better one!

However Ryan Edwards will be well up for it - following on from his hat trick on Tuesday along with the fact that he spent his formative years at Liverpool. It will also be a chance for the players to enjoy themselves and show off their talents to a wider audience. With really skilful players like Ben Kay coming to the fore, the organisational skills of Dougy Pitts and the tactical nous of John Neafcy and the backroom staff we should be in with a shout.

As normal it will be a case of may the best team win - as long as it’s us!

Of course we’ll be maintaining our own philosophy of:

"Anyone who knows anything about football knows that football is not about football. Anyone who does not know that knows nothing about football."

So we’ll be having a pint (or six), chatting about the events that have taken place this week in the soap opera that is the Premiership and singing some daft songs. Oh and eating some pies – they better be decent!

AFC Liverpool play their home games at Valerie Park, Eaton Street, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 6ND.

You can get a flavour of the ground by looking at the following excellent blog - it’s definitely an old school ground!!

Directions by Car: From North: M6 to Junction 26, onto M58 to Junction 3. Follow A570 to junction with A580 (East Lancs Road). (Approach junction in right hand lane of the two lanes going straight on). Cross A580 and take first road on right (Bleak Hill Road). Follow this road through to Prescot (2 miles). At traffic lights turn right, straight on at large roundabout (do not follow route onto Prescot by-pass) and right at next lights. 100 yards turn right at Hope and Anchor pub into Hope Street. Club will be in sight at bottom of road. From South: M6 to Junction 21a (M62 junction 10). Follow M62 towards Liverpool, to junction 7. Follow A57 to Rainhill and Prescot. Through traffic lights at Fusilier pub, 100 yards turn right at Hope and Anchor pub (as above). From East: Follow M62 as described in "From South" or A580East Lancs Road to Junction with A570 (Rainford by-pass), turn left and take first right. Follow route as "From North".
Directions by Train: Walk up Station Road (turns into Aspinall Street) and when you get to Warrington Road look to your left and you should see the ground – if in doubt just have a pint and ask behind the bar!

Meanwhile you can check out all the news on AFC Liverpool and find their forums @

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