Thursday, 18 September 2008

Lisa Stansfield, Brookside kisses and Wigan Robin Park v Rochdale Town

A fine figure of a Rochdale man

Rochdale is famous for loads of things and all of it's good. It's a proper place. It's got a great town hall that was built in the 1870s, they had the fattest MP ever - and he's still outlived most of his contemporaries. He did however live with his mum. A bit like Jimmy Saville... Well maybe not but the town has had its share of scandalous figures. Gracie Fields was rumoured to have been a bit of a go-er in her day while Lisa Stansfield enjoyed the dubious pleasure of Ice Docking (google it!!)

Another Rochdale resident Anna Friel shocked half the nation and turned on the other half by enjoying a lesbian kiss with Nicola Stephenson - who came from just up the road in Oldham. They must put something in the pies around that way as they have both matured into gorgeous women.

Anyhow I digress - Rochdale has also given us Don Estelle, the prostitute Monica Coghlan that was involved in some scandal with Jeffrey Archer, Bill Oddie and Colin "Dr Who" Baker. So I think they've done us on the Sir Ian McKellen stakes!

On the sporting front, though, I think we can say we've done a bit better than Rochdale AFC and Rochdale Hornets - the two clubs that share Spotland. That is not to diss them as they both have long and illustrious histories and both have been in existence for over 100 years.

There is however another two teams that share a ground and one of those teams will be at the Stadio de Robin Park this Saturday. Rochdale Town (nee Castleton Gabriels aka Cassy Gabs) currently share the grandly named Castleton Sports Centre with Rochdale Mayfield ARLFC and they arrive in WN5 next to the bottom of the league with just one draw and four defeats.

They shouldn't be understimated but the Robins will be looking to bounce back after their defeat at Leek CSOB. With
forecast and no Latics fixture it will be an ideal time for any Robin Park virgins to get down to th'athletics stadium. In this time of £160,000 a week wage packets, dodgy foreign owners and players that think they have been "treated as a slave" it is refreshing to note that players are still giving their all just for the pleasure of playing football. Admission is just £3, programmes £1.50 amd you never know Anna Friel might turn up.

"Zigger Zagger Zigger Zagger Robin Park"

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