Monday, 14 July 2008


It was just like watching Brazil for a couple of minutes as the posh scousers in yellow carved apart the Robins defence to take the lead.

Alas it was the last we saw of the white Pele and Wigan’s finest eased their way back into the game with a well-taken equaliser from the svelte like Ben Kay and a cracking winner in the second half from the sub. God knows who played for both sides but the WRP keeper Jason Foulds looked confident and dealt with everything that came his way while Ryan Small looks a great player in midfield. Classy but not afraid to get stuck in!

A healthy crowd was bolstered by 12 (plus one grandchild) of the newly formed Wigan Robin Bastards – the supporters’ branch of Wigan’s newest football club and all had a good time.

We retreated to the Pear Tree pub for pints of Titanic Iceberg (or summat) to discuss the day’s football.

And the jury concluded that:

· We need pies and pints. Obviously the weather will be better in January than July but the trek over to the Champions Bar at half time to sup crap beer is not ideal. The teas and coffees from the machine weren’t bad though…
· Programmes would be handy as referring to the lad as the fatty in midfield is not great
· Paying at the window desk as you go in was a bit bizarre to say the least. And without stereotyping – go on then stereotyping like fuck – it will be fun when AFC Liverpool come down
· The bogs were flooded after the game to give in that authentic football bogs feel. Congratulations
· The view from the seats is great. Still didn’t stop the bloke stood on the car park watching the game with his binoculars. The typical Wigan mingebag!
· If the game is to be finished by 6 o’clock each week then I guess a few ball boys might be required. Then again it keeps the keepers fit as they fag the ball every ten minutes
· The blonde girl on the running track was a welcome distraction
· The referee was lenient to say the least – which made a welcome change especially as he turned down a very close penalty call from Marine in the last seconds of the game.
· WAGS with pushchairs
· Roll on the next game


Tony Topping said...

Excellent day out hopefully the first of many. Valid points made about the refreshments etc and how slow was the Marine management bloke at getting the ball back!
Good luck with the blog Andy, be good to have somewhere were we can check out future fixtures etc Of course we could always check in the Post or Obby... yeah right!!

Joe Hawkins said...

Cheers Tony

Nice little alternative to watching Latics and be interesting to see how the club develops in all aspects throughout the season