Monday, 14 July 2008


The following was posted on the Mudhuts website by Terry Thomas - top notch stuff

Something’s stirring in the heartland of Wigan, something pure and good. In the shadow of the JJB stadium football as we knew it, free from greed and gamesmanship is alive and well. Robin Park FC are on the rise, an ascent that has been strangely ignored by our local media not that we should be surprised at that given their love for all things oval.

Yesterday for the first time in over 30yrs I watched a Wigan team play non league football at a high level. We all know what happened to the last Wigan team to play at this standard and its exciting to be at the embryonic stages of what will hopefully grow into something that we had all those years ago.

The local side beat a strong Marine team 2-1 and the football displayed augers well for the coming season. It was delightful to watch a game free from petulance and posturing, a friendly that was played with passion but blissfully free of the stop start staccato whistling of the pompous refereeing of the Premiership.

There’s a long way to go and off the field progress re catering and programmes etc will be a huge task but one that will be accomplished step by step. Accomplishing this will need help and if you want to know what supporting a team was like 30yrs ago then get on board this football express. It stops at some exotic stations along the way and the delights of Castleton Gabriels, Darwen, Blackpool Mechanics etc have a place on the terrace reserved just for us, home made bar scarves, Bovril and bonhomie, its good to be back.

As the aging but menacing (well we scared two pigeons off the iron bridge) Wigan Robin Bastards mob made their way to the Pear Tree we searched in vain for the Marine boys. Pity we didn’t find any I was looking forward to nicking their “oxygum”

Oh well maybe next time…

Cheers Terry


Anonymous said...

"It stops at some exotic stations along the way and the delights of Castleton Gabriels, Darwen, Blackpool Mechanics etc"

I wouldn't say exotic and I'd definitely not say erotic but you'll have a laugh. All the very best for the season


Joe Hawkins said...

Cheers Steve

We'll definitely have a laugh - it doesn't bother us too much where we go. We used to be regulars at South Liverpool and Netherfield!