Friday, 27 February 2009

Oldham (and probably Hibs) visit Wigan in top of the table battle

It's tough at the top - they say...

But to hell we'll settle for it.

A massive game at th'athletics stadium against Oldham Town becomes even more important as rivals AFC Liverpool and Bootle play the league's bottom two - Rochdale Town and Ashton Town respectively. A win is a must.

That said Oldham are a decent team that looked good going forward in the game at their gaff a couple of weeks ago. They'll also be smarting after the Robins took away their home league record and not a little miffed about the sending-off.

It should be a cracking game. Whilst WRP haven't hit the giddy heights of scoring six a game they've manage to grind out the results and despite being ravaged with injuries have kept it pretty solid at the back.

Usual procedure: 3pm kick off, £3.50 in and £1.50 for the programme.

So if anybody wants to watch good, hard, competitive football then WN5 is the postcode to be seen in this Saturday

Meanwhile here's a summary of the Robins remaining fixtures - sort of

As it stands at the moment

Oldham Town (H) Sat 28 Feb 2009.

Darwen (A) Tue 3 Mar 2009.

Norton Utd (A) Sat 7 Mar 2009.

AFC Blackpool (H) Sat 14 Mar 2009.

Padiham (H) Tue 24 Mar 2009.

AFC Liverpool(H) Tue 31 Mar 2009.

Darwen (H) Sat 4 Apr 2009.

Chadderton (A) Sat 11 Apr 2009.

Irlam (A) Easter Mon 13 Apr 2009.

Cheadle Town (A) Sat 18 Apr 2009.

Padiham (A) Sat 2 May 2009.


Stone Dominoes (H)

Daisy Hill(A)

Eccleshall (A)


21 Mar 2009
Both Stone and Daisy Hill have no game that day

25 Apr 2009
Eccleshall have no game that day

9 May 2009 - this weekend is set aside for final games I believe. So could play either of three then but common sense would suggest:

21 Mar Stone (H) or Daisy Hill (A)
25 Apr Eccleshall (A)
9 May Stone (H) or Daisy Hill (A)

Then again all that doesn't take into account other games that Stone, Eccleshall and Daisy Hill have to play... So who knows

* Not sure if they'll have Hibs with em


Anonymous said...

Your match with us has changed back to Saturday 21st March, Vaughnie.

It's hard work keeping an eye on the fixture changes, isn't it? Does my head in at times....

Vaughanie said...

Cheers Pole

See you at your gaff on the 21st then.... er until they change it next week