Thursday, 15 January 2009

Wigan Robins versus Chaddy: Match preview

So get out the prayer mats and pray or hope for dry weather. Get out the hot-air blowers and hot water bottles in case of cowd weather and with thanks to Allah, God and and with just a bit of luck the Robins might actually get to play a home game on.

And if they do it will be Chadderton FC that trundle along to Wigan WN5 this weekend. Now I've been to Chadderton and Oldham and Shaw and around there a few times. Personal circumstances and all that and I like Chadderton. I've even got a mug that I drink my coffee out of that says Chadderton Football Club on it. See an old work mate of mine used to be involved there and I saw the team a few times. Cracking little club that have been knocking around the North West Counties since the beginning of the league in 1982. Before that they were formed as Millbrow Football Club in 1947, later changing to North Chadderton Amateurs, before adopting its present name in 1957.

There have been ups and downs and David Platt (ex England star and now owner of the strangest shame head in football pundrity) started his career there. As did John Pemberton - the ex Rochdale, Palace and Leeds player. Pemberton also appeared on the box recently as the manager of the Forest side for the Third round of the F.A Cup that beat City 3-0 at the council house in the FA Cup. With Billy Davies taking over at Forest I'm not sure whether Pemberton is still there. I am sure that Mark Owen of Take That fame isn't at Forest but he did once play for Chadderton.

Rumours that Gary Barlow may be lining up at th'athletics stadium on Saturday remain just that. The NWCL website informs me that their home kit remains all red yet their away kit that we will be witnessing is Orange Shirts - Fudge Shorts - Orange Socks

Shorts made of fudge?!?!?!

Chadderton sit just behind the Robins in sixth place with 27 points from 18 games with Mickey Green the leading goalscorer with eight goals...

Mickey Green

As normal all we can hope for is a decent game

Chadderton(H) League, th'athletics stadium Sat 17 Jan 2009 3.00pm - £3.50 to geet in.

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